The Golden State Warriors don't deserve us as fans..

Maybe a lot of you are happier now that Corey Maggette is gone... but why is that?

Maggette's contract was rather costly but let us not forget that it was the Warrior's management that offered that ridiculous contract to Maggette in the first place.  This post will go off on tangents but will definitely focus on the Warriors current roster and situation.

I, personally, am not happy with the Maggette trade because once again we got NOTHING in return. Last off-season, we got rid of the up n coming 6th Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford, for pretty much nothing in return. Yet, we all applauded that trade because it saved us money, fine and understood. This time, we traded our second leading scorer, who was one dimensional but still a pretty efficient scorer for NOTHING again!! Gadzuric and C. Bell  are not good enough players who we want in our rotation if we are trying to make the playoffs. AND, the money we saved we have to wait at least until the 2011 free agent market, meaning that we have to waste another season with crap players. Again, we trade away a scorer for a couple garbage role players. For those of you who do not know basketball well, the primary duties of a SG or SF, besides having an efficient field goal percentage, is to score. It is not to rebound or get assists, it is to score the ball. That is how it is in todays modern game. Assists are to the PG and rebounds are to the PF or/and Cs of the game. Maggette was good at what he was supposed to be good at, to score no matter how he did it. He got to the free throw line efficiently and was smart about not taking abundant 3 pt shot attempts. Again, he was overpaid... but that wasn't his fault, Warriors management was at fault.

With Maggette gone, we not have an even bigger dilemma than before...

The Warriors biggest problem for a while now has been the PF spot. Since Antawn Jamison left, we have had a big, fat ugly question mark at the PF spot since we haven't had one worthy of starting. The WE BELIEVE team of 06-07 was great but it lacked a low post scorer that could have taken us further into the playoffs. Brendan Wright was supposed to solve that issue but that hasn't worked out (yet).  The Small Forward spot hasn't been a problem with us (Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette) until now!

I know several of you are jumping on the Reggie Williams band wagon but the guy is not ready for heavy starter, playoff push minutes. First off let me say, a bunch of the guys we have playing at SF are not actually SFs but SGs who have no choice but to play the SF spot. Kelenna Azubuike is 6'5 and 220 lbs and he will most likely be our starting SF if no trade is done by the start of next season. Can you picture Azubuike guarding the likes the Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Danny Granger.. even Maggette or Stephen Jackson efficiently? All these guys have got height and weight on Azubuike.  Reggie Williams and Anthony Morrow are all featherweights compared to these guys and Azubuike is definitely undersized at only 6'5.  This is why we now have two glaring holes to this team, the PF AND now the SF spot.

By the way... the DRAFT isn't going to solve our problems immediately. We are not going to draft an impact player in this draft no matter who we get. We got lucky with Curry last year but even he wasn't able to stop us from LOSING more games than the previous season. Any player we draft will be a project and the Warriors will market them as players with potential that we have to wait for.

Lastly, MONTA ELLIS!! 

Do U guys remember Monta Ellis during Baron Davis' last year?? The guy shot almost 60% from the field during the months of January and February. WHy is everyone saying bad things about him just cause he had an inefficient year?? REMEMBER Kobe Bryant was once labeled as selfish and inefficient when his Lakers were getting beat out of the first round of the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns when they sucked and had Kwame Brown, but that has changed now. Monta can be an efficient scorer IF he is no longer given the GREEN LIGHT. Monta needs to watch film of the Warriors winning in Dallas this year about 50 times over and over until he understands that he is only effective when driving into the lane. His 5th option should be taking the 3 pt shot only after; (1) driving and finishing, (2) driving n passing to an open man, (3) passing the ball in the first place, (4) driving n pulling up for the jump shot, (5) taking the forced 3 pt shot. OUT OF ALL THE 3 PT SHOOTERS WE HAVE, HE SHOULD BE ONE OF THE LAST TO TAKE THE 3 pt SHOT!!  He needs to be told by the coaching staff that he no longer has the green light to jack up shots but now has the yellow light ;)

I blame the Golden State Warriors organization for this!

Saving money only benefits the team owners because we are taking away veteran, scorers away from a team filled with young guys that are "full of potential!" What does this potential mean nowadays??? Unfortunately, to me, 'potential' means I, as a fan, now have to wait a couple MORE years to see my team have a high probability of making the playoffs. We continue to trade, give away players with experience  for players that have 'supposed' talent. It is not fair!! Trading away J-Rich for talent didn't work(yet), Jamal to Atlanta didnt work! Maggette to the Bucks for pretty much lame role players seems again like it will not work. Now we have to rely on our young guys to win games which Im sure  the Warriors will market to us that that will take time. It seems like every year, the Warriors trade away experienced players for 'potential' players. I as a fan am TIRED of waiting for a potential player to develop or for a playoff push only to be told or subtlety told to wait for our young guys to mold into veterans when we continue to trade away our veterans. It isn't fair and EVERY YEAR it is a new excuse. 2 years ago it was the sudden departure of Baron Davis and Monta's injury, last season it was the injuries to the entire year, now this season it is most likely going to be the changing of ownership that we have to wait.

When r these guys going to realize that they have one of the best NBA fans in the league?/ They need to realize what they have and make something of it because we can only wait too long!!! Unfortunely, we cannot do much but to complain.. like I am am doing now.. All I know is the Bay Area is one of the best, unrecognized markets in the league and we deserve a legit, playoff contending team EVERY YEAR because we give our teams, NBA or not, 100% all the time!

PS: F the lakers ;)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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