The Maggette Trade and Wins Produced

Maggette Trade and Wins Produced


3 on 1? No way I'm passing it!


Getting rid of Maggette has been one of the things Warriors fans have been dreaming about since they inked him using BD money. The desire to get rid of Maggette only intensified after his first season where we witnessed the ball hog, no defense mentality that drove Mike Dunleavy Sr mad. However a funny thing happened last year to endear him to some fans: Maggette decreased his jump shots (65% to 58% according to 82games) and instead started taking it to the rim (35% to 42%) which resulted in a jump in his TS% from 58.2% to a career high 61.5%. Not only was he uber efficient but he passed the ball a bit more and was the consummate professional. Now that Maggette has been traded for two scrubs there are those who are actually disturbed by the trade despite the financial savings because Maggette was so good last year.

So is it true that this is another cost-cutting move by Cohan that will weaken the product on the court or could it truly be a case of addition by subtraction?

***IF YOU DON'T CARE/UNDERSTAND/HATE Wins Produced save everyone the trouble and stop reading***


Looking at the trade straight up there is no doubt that the Bucks got the best player in the deal. Maggette's WP48 of .098 is just barely below the average player of .100. The team has lost about 4 wins by trading Maggette for Bell and Gadzuric.




If you stopped there, there is no doubt this trade heavily favors the Bucks. However, one must realize that if Maggette is traded someone on the roster needs to play his minutes and hopefully everyone (Nellie, you too!) realizes that Bell or Gadzuric should be nothing more than the 9th and 10th man at best. The thing is that Nellie loved to play Maggette at PF instead of his more natural SF and according to the automatic Win Produced Website, Maggette spent 75% of his 2081 minutes at PF and the other 25% at SF. So if we take a look at our roster unless Nellie or the new coach really likes Azubuike or Williams at PF (possible with Nellie) he has no choice but to give Maggette's minutes to Anthony Randolph and/or Brandan Wright. Then the rest of Maggette's minutes at SF can be handled by Azubuike or Williams. Look at the table below to see how these duos would fare using Maggette's minutes.





Looking at the two tables the Warriors can expect to add between 2-3.5 wins simply by giving Azubuike, Williams, Randolph, and Wright turns at replacing Maggette. The result should not be surprising to anyone but Nellie that Randolph and Wright are better at being PFs than the 6'6" Maggette. While Nellie loves that Maggette stretches the floor on offense, the downside is he gives up more on the defensive end. So Riley wasn't kidding when he said the trade would free up more time for AR and Wright.

People also bag about how bad Bell and Gadzuric are but did you know the Warriors rostered 6 players with WP48 worse than Bell (-.004) and Gadzruic (-.005)? [Reminder: 0.100 is average] They are listed from least offensive to most offensively bad:

Chris Hunter -.059

Stephen Jackson -.062

Mikki Moore -.070

Coby Karl -.078

Vlad Rad -.081

Cartier Martin -.168

So as bad as Bell and Gadzuric were last year you could do worse.

So I for one welcome our new Buck overlords! To me the trade looks like a home run given the obvious financial benefits and the fact that Nellie doesn't have the option of playing Maggette at PF anymore. It's not Maggette's fault he played PF but even with a conventional coach he would be our 3rd best SF behind Azubuike and Reggie Williams. Then again you could give Ellis' minutes to Maggette/Williams/Buike but that's for another day!

Getting rid of Maggette was enough for me! Thanks for everything Maggette, but peace out!


Thanks for the REC!

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