What SF should we target if any?


According to Marcus Thompson he expects the W's to make a move for Andre Igudola or Rudy Gayand even guys like Rudy Fernandez and John Salmons


(Me again: Expect the Warriors to make a play for a Rudy Gay or Andre Iguodala. Or even a third-tier SF type, like John Salmons or Rudy Fernandez) 

Personally I doubt either Salmons or Rudy want to come here Salmons is rumored to be pursued heavily by Atlanta and Rudy may want to go back to Spain (rumored).  But I was thinking about guys like Danny Granger and Tayshaun Prince being available. Prince has been shopped around some and could probably be taken but Granger is the tough one. By all accounts they really like him still but the pick of George is head scratching. Do they plan on him being a big 2 guard? Is Granger now on the block? Seeing as though George is similar to Granger we could have an Iggy/ Turner situation over there as well and we should take advantage

The small forwards:

Andre Iguodala - Obviously a favorite of us and my favorite as well. He is everything we need at SF, a passer, someone who can handle the ball, an elite defender, a driver and he's tough. He's the perfect compliment to our back court. The 76ers say there committed to him and that Doug Collins wants him and Evan Turner. But it's also rumored Iggy is available for the right price. I feel as though to get him they will need to receive a big man from somewhere since they didn't acquire one through a trade yesterday . I feel as though a trade similar to this one gives them enough to part with Iggy from there view(ignore the trade failed, Vlad's expiring makes it work but it won't let me put him in):

Philly: They lack a a sharpshooter(Kapono is an expiring and is old) and Ellington shot near 40% from 3 on the year and is young and cheap. Hollins simply serves as deph at center and Jefferson is the main guy here. They lack a tough low post player. They traded for Hawes who is a perimeter guy and is not a great rebounder or defender and is soft. All in all they need someone mean and tough at center. 

Minny: They drafted a bunch of 3's for whatever reason when they have a glaring need at 2. They want to trade Jefferson and are in love with Darko (who knows why). So trading Jefferson for a SG like Rip makes sense and especially since he can really shoot and they were the worst 3 point shooting team in the NBA. 

Detroit: If Monroe is as soft as people say they will need someone willing to mix it up, and we know he's never been an outstanding rebounder and Beans has. There front court is god awful so the more deph the better. Why would we trade Beans? Cause when Riley said he may want to start two 4's and Nellie said we need a 5 to me that just meant Beans was long gone. 

But we should keep options open to many other SF's out there. One of whom I think we can get today would be Tayshaun Prince if we did a Prince for Beans swap. Offensively he's not much but he's a lock down defender who can guard almost any wing. Someone like Danny Granger as well if we trade Monta for Granger + a filler although I don't think they will trade Granger. Than there is the pipe dream of nabbing Carmelo Anthony in free agency and getting Prince's expiring would go towards that. Rudy Gay would be hard to get since Memphis said they will match almost any offer and we don't have tons of money but we do have cap space next year so going over the cap this year may not be a huge deal. 


Or do you guys think we should not even get one now and wait until the draft and hopefully get someone in the draft? Two guys to look out for are Harrison Barnes (next years Wall) and Perry Jones who to me is very very intriguing

I don't know much about Barnes but I know he is an amazing person and player that can do everything but doesn't have Wall type of athletic ability. Instead he is a lot like Grant Hill, scary in the similarities. Jones is strange, he's 6'11 230 lbs going into college but says his spot in the NBA is on the wing and he handles and shoots the ball like a guard but he can also post up a little. I think he can be the very first center/SF hybrid. Both are spots of need here. Of course we need to watch him closely too see if he's Odom, or Tmac or a really versatile center. 


Some people liked the idea of Josh Childress and I found a highlight video of him in europe, he's now in the poll

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