"The Secret"

First of all I would like to thank all of you fans for doing research and creating insightful fanposts that help me easily and quickly access important Dubs information. There has been a lot of good discussion on all the draft prospects, and who we should trade for and after seeing so many different ideas I thought Id repay the favor of all your hardwork and give back by offering my opinion.

I have recently been reading a book by Bill Simmons titled "The Book of Basketball". The reason i mention this, is there is a chapter early in the book where Bill is recreating a discussion he had with Isaiah Thomas and about how Isaiah had mentioned to him what "The Secret" to having a successful team in the NBA is. (This will sound kind of strange seeing how Isaiah completely forgets the secret exists as a G.M.) The Secret according to Isaiah and Bill is that "it isn't about basketball." To further elaborate, the secret to having a successful team according to Bill is "they won because they liked each other, knew their roles, ignored statistics, and valued winning over everything else."

What the Warriors need to do in order to take the next step as a franchise, is they need to start bringing in more players that understand "The Secret" of basketball. I have a great example of a player in this year's draft that a lot of fans here would like us to draft, is very skilled and has loads of potential, but who is also selfish, immature, and hasn't the slightest clue about "The Secret."

The parts that really stand out to me are at the one minute mark where the reporter asks him something to the effect of was there a time when you knew you were ready for the NBA? The dude says "NO" are you freaking kidding me? Then he follows it up by saying "it was always, I would like to be in the NBA." Watch it for yourself and make your own observations, but this guys body language stinks, he's clearly a me first player with serious maturity issues. Later in the interview a little before the three minute mark a reporter asks him about what he means by telling the truth to GM's about his maturity issues, and Cousins responds by saying "Im a work in progress" with the whiny tone in his voice with the poor me look on his face. Ok, i'll stop there because you have to see this interview for yourself, its quite revealing. In closing, I challenge you with this question.......Would you hire this applicant? Seems like a loser to me, who is never gonna figure out "The Secret."

I feel that alot of us fans are also most frustrated with the players on our team that don't seem to have a true grasp of the value of "The Secret." These players include Monta, Maggette, and Randolph. These guys are all sooooo talented but we are always frustrated with them because we know deep down that they only give a crap about themselves, and winning takes a back seat to that. All of these guys should be the first players to go from the Warriors because their selfish play and attitude (not so much Maggette on attitude) is detrimental to creating an environment of winning that holds selfish players accountable for their shortcomings. 

Guys on our team the understand "The Secret":

Curry, Morrow, George, Tolliver, Turiaf

This should be our core group of guys going forward. I know that's not much, but I can assure all of the Warrior fans that these 5 guys are all down to go to war for us every night and give it everything they got.

Guys I'm not sure about but id also like to keep:

Williams: Haven't seen enough of him but like what ive seen so far

Wright: Like his basketball potential, not sure about his drive to succeed

CJ: Doesn't say much, has the Tim Duncan game face, but seems to give all hes got when hes out there

Bookie: Shown sign of being a solid player, excited to see him return from injury

Biedrins: Awful last year gonna give him the injury benefit of the doubt and hope to see a return to double double form.

Guy who just needs to go because he has no value: Vlad Rad

I know thats not much, but what could the Warriors plug in here with the 6th pick, Monta, Maggette, and Randolph as trade bait. Seems like we could probably get alot of different players with different packages including those assets. How about Monta, Maggette, and Randolph to the Bulls for Noah, Hinrich and Deng. We do this trade to get Noah and have our PG and C positions locked up with guys who are solid, selfless players. I know thats alot to give up talent wise, but think it would be a wise investment going forward with this team. I think defensively we would be vastly improved and team chemistry would sky rocket.

Imagine if the Bulls could then sign LeBron and have Monta LeBron and Rose? Plus Randolph? I think they'd do it.

So I would love to get Paul George or Wes Johnson with our pick, these guys seem to really enjoy hoops and are ready to have a job in the NBA. They would also fill our biggest void of the 2/3 position for the next 4-5 years. Im saying this because im not sure if we will keep Reggie, Bookie, and Morrow.

I just want a team of selfless guys who love playing ball. I'm tired of selfish me first players bringing down our organization using their talent and their agents to squeeze all the money they can out of us before their career is over. Its time for a change, get rid of all the players who don't know the secret and build around core guys that do!!!!

PG: Curry, Hinrich,Watson

SG: Reggie, Morrow, Bookie

SF:Johnson, Deng, D.George

PF: Wright, Turiaf, Tolliver, Vlad Rad

C: Noah, Biedrins


Who is your lineup of "The Secret" team, and the ANTI Secret team'

Secret Team:

PG: Nash, Curry

SG: B Roy, Ray Allen

SF: Battier, Grant Hill

PF: Duncan, Gasol

C: Dwight, Noah


ANTI Secret Team:

PG: Baron, Marbury, Arenas

SG: Iverson, Monta

SF: Melo, Sjax

PF:Bosh,  Amare

C: Cousins

I'm too tired to proofread, but I hope you guys enjoyed the post!!!!!!!!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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