Who is the best SF available, who we can afford to sign?

Free agency started today, and although the Warriors wont have a shot at any of the major names this summer, we still have a shot to add some depth at the SF position with a player who can really help us out. My ideal SF is one who can not onlty score, but primarily defend, along with some length and athleticism. Right now we have Reggie Williams, Buike, and Morrow playing the 3 spot; in my opinion Buike is out best option. He can score, defend, and has a great build..but it seems he is the furthest away from being 100% after his injury. And then there is RW and Ammo..both to me are role players, and Morrow is pretty much just a shooter. So we have Reggie starting, he's not bad but; is only 6'6, not a lock down defender, and doesnt have much experience.

Now..lets look at some of our options. I looked over the upcomming free agents (both restricted and unrestricted), along with thier age, height, weight, and salary they were earning in the past season. Here we go..ordered by age.

30. Rasual Butler: 6'7, 205.  3.9mil.

29. Mike Miller: 6'8, 218.  9.7mil

29. Matt Barnes: 6'7, 226.  1.6mil.

28. Kyle Korver: 6'7, 212.  5mil.

28. Jarvis Hayes: 6'8, 228.  2mil.

25. Travis Outlaw: 6'9, 207.  3.6mil.

25. Antoine Wright: 6'7, 215.  1.8mil.

24. Ronnie Brewer: 6'7, 227.  2.7mil.

24. Dorell Wright: 6'9, 210.  2.8mil.

22. Amir Johnson: 6'9, 210.  3.9mil.


With these players listed.. I dont feel that Rasual Butler or Jarvis Hayes would fit well with our team. They aren't very athetic and are primarily shooters..Butler can somewhat defend but is the oldest of the group.

Niether Antoine Wright nor Amir Johnson exceit me much either. Wright has not proven him self much and I dont feel would be able to contribute much, Amir Johnson is somewhat like Randolph. A undersized 4, which we dont need more of.

Then there's Matt Barnes, who I loved when he joined us in our run to the play-offs. We would be able to afford him, and probably would love to come back to the Bay..but since he had a starting role on a Championship calibar team, he would mostlikely look elsewhere.

Both Mike Miller and Kyle Korver and shooting specialist, which we really dont need more of. Neither are very athletic nor long. Although Mike Miller is a good defender..I feel he is just way out of our price range.

That leaves us with; Travis Outlaw, Ronnie Brewer, and Dorell Wright. All who are very athletic, good defenders and somewhat long (not so much Brewer). They all can score, and would be able to fill the hole we have at the 3. I like Dorell Wright; but as a stater, I dont think he is much of an upgrade over RW or Morrow. For me its between Outlaw and Brewer. Both can defend, which is what we need, they can also score.. Brewer is a much better shooter then Outlaw, but Outlaw is clearly the longer, more athletic of the two and can certainly take it to the hole. I feel that Outlaw is a better fit for our team than Brewer, he can run the floor, cut to the basket, and most importantly..he can defend and block shots with his length. I feel he would be a great addition to our team. Especially now that the Clipps have Aminu, who has somewhat the same build and attrubuites, I highly doubt they would try to fight for Outlaw to stay..

This is my opinion,  now give me yours. Who, that the Warriors can actually afford..would be the best fit for this team.

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