Dreaming of Carmelo

With the LeBron James show winding down last week, I watched as New York Knick fans chanted Carmelo's name in the background. It provoked a little chuckle, yet nonetheless caused me to wonder whom among the hopeful teams would Anthony find a desirable suitor. Many believe that Carmelo will re-sign with the Nuggets, but as the ailing Coach Karl nears closer to retirement, and leaders such as Billups fight against father time, Denver looks to be no better off than it was 2 years ago, when a championship ring was a realistic goal. 

Perhaps Anthony would take a similar route to James, leading on his basketball family of faithfuls throughout the season only to leave them completely empty handed at the moment of truth. Or he will have the character to reveal his intentions to the Denver franchise, and have them open shop this upcoming season during the all-star break. If this would be the case, there are many things to be said about the potential bidders and the state of their respected franchises. Consider the Warriors and their probable situation. Carmelo is the protagonist of this tale and the dictator of his future. Why would he consider the Warriors?

1. Stephen Curry - He will likely continue on his journey towards stardom and not only make his first all-star team, but with the help of finishers like David Lee and teammates like Reggie Williams allowing his dominance of the ball, make a name for himself as one of the top 3 point guards in the league. In other words, think of the impact Wade had on attracting the big names to his home team. Just consider the Warriors the host of a guy like Chris Paul now, because Curry will play on to gain a comparable reputation on the court. 

2. New Ownership - Larry Ellison closes in on the franchise and restructures the organization from the ground up, while Stephen Curry makes his mark as a star in the league. How refreshing. The sports world loves a story like this, and if it happens, it will happen big. I'm sure some of the bandwagon fans will come out of the woodwork and add fuel to the fire at Oracle Arena. The losing spectacular crowd will now be the winning spectacular crowd, and rumors of that roaring blaze will bear embers of fruition beginning 10:30 et in the city of Oakland. What was an endearing, admirable crowd gaining sympathy from around the league, is now a legitimate and powerful fan base with reasonable aspirations. If the legend of Jerry West graces this city with his immortal presence, our team will become a bane overnight, similar to the reputation Oklahoma City is gaining now. 

3. Supporting cast - I loved David Lee before he was a Warrior. I was the jealous loser in high school who hated everyone and wore garbage bags and mascara to school. I wanted that girlfriend, I wanted that touchdown, I wanted that substitute spanish teacher... and now, she belongs to me. David Lee is the kind of player you need to win. He is a consistent, non-stop ball of insurmountable energy, similar to an Iverson on a level of intensity. He is the guy we hoped Biedrins would be(and may be), the kind of player who comes in and just floors you with his desire, thus producing numbers that fall on the board every night with strength. He and Curry will be the Stockton-Malone of this era.

Reggie Williams is one of most talented guards the Warriors have had the pleasure of meeting. He is a heavenly land mine that we have stepped on and must now pay consequence to the good fortune he brings. His commitment, his innate feel for the game, his accuracy, his unselfishness, his demeanor, his killer instinct, his restraint, and his youth are all reasons to be excited about this fortuitous acquisition to the club. He is the perfect teammate for Curry, and will be for years, rather than Ellis. Williams lets Stephen Curry dominate the ball and make the decisions, which is what we want. He knows that he is a shooting guard, instead of a "ball player". Reggie understands when it is proper to pass and when it is necessary to put the defense to the test. Monta Ellis does not understand this, which leads me to the proposed TRADE that should be offered to Denver before the deadline.

Warriors trade:

Monta Ellis

Brandan Wright

Vladamir Radmonavic

1st round pick

Nuggets trade:

Carmelo Anthony

What must occur for this to be a possibility: 

Firstly, Brandan Wright must prove that the trade for Jason Richardson is justifiable and that he is not a bust. He needs to revert to form at the time of last year's training camp, and pick up from the progress he had gained leading up to that point. He must show that at 23 years old, he is a promising power forward who can start on most teams. 

Secondly, Monta Ellis needs to understand that Stephen Curry is greatness. He needs to play off Curry, rather than having Curry play off of him. If he does this, while knocking down his jumper with more consistency, not only could he make the all-star team, but could end up being a valuable center piece, who could justify the departure of a star like Carmelo Anthony. 

Lastly, Denver would receive a big expiring contract that frees up close 7 mil, and a top 20 pick. To those who say the pick is giving up too much, one would only need to look at the fortune we have encountered in the D-League and summer league camp, and note whether those names should have been taken in the 1st round of such a draft. Also, given the very young core of the team that is already assembled, veteran teammates are in higher demand than more young hopefuls. 

Anyways, just thought I'd have fun with the idea of Anthony becoming a Warrior this season, and would like some feedback with your insights. Thanks. 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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