10 Reasons to be Excited About Lacob and Guber

OK, I realize alot of you are disappointed Larry Ellison didn't buy the Warriors, and don't know too much about Joseph Lacob or Peter Guber.  I'll admit, the only thing I knew about them was the companies they worked for.  Upon doing further research last night, I can say, I m VERY excited these guys ended up buying the Warriors and very optimistic about the Warriors going forward.  I don't expect overnight changes, but with in a few years, we could see a stable franchise, built to win in the long term and challenge consistently.  As fans, that's all you can really ask of your owners.

Below, I will list 10 reasons Warriors fans should be excited about our new owners:

10.  The Warriors are staying the Bay Area-  After seeing a great basketball town (Seattle) lose a team, my first Q about these guys was "are they going to move the Warriors?!  Lacob is a bay area guy and Guber already came out and said there is NO WAY the team will leave the Bay Area.  The constantly sited, Bay Area's huge market potential as one of reasons they paid so much. 

9. They acted fastest-  Like it or not, they were VERY aggressive in the purchase.  Being aggressive to spend $450 million shows a commitment and passion to own the team.   We can say Ellison had more money and offered more.  End of day, if he wanted the team he would have bid earlier.  It was all ego for Ellison in terms of price.  Let's be serious, for Ellison the difference of 400 to 450 to 500 mil is minimal.   Lacob and Guber were more serious bidders pushing hard to secure the team. 

8.Peter Guber comes from an entertainment background-  Like it or not, sports is ultimately entertainment. We all want to see the Warriors win championships, but ultimately as long as it's a good product that is consistently challenging I will be more than happy.  Winning it all is to a degree, luck.  Luck with injuries, draft etc.  Being competitive on a consistent basis, is good management.  As a man who has worked 30+ years in entertainment industry, it's unlikely he'll stand for a warriors team that sucks.

7. Guber owns other sports teams and tried to buy others-  Guber was near owner of the Oakland A's.  Lew Wolff barely outbid him.   When Guber was at Sony, he tried to buy the Lakers.  He owns man minor league teams.  Guber is a huge sports fan.

6. Joseph Lacob- "We're all about Winning"- Now isn't that refreshing?

5. Joseph Lacob has NBA Experience-  According to reports, he is respected in the Celtics organization as a minority owner.  Is known as a passionate basketball fan and a good business man with respect to running a basketball team.  Fact he has owned shares in a basketball team would leave me to believe, what I've read, he LOVES basketball, this is not just a money investment (cause it if was, quite frankly there are much better ones)

4. Peter Guber understands the modern NBA star- When asked about Lebron going to Dan Gilbert's reaction to Lebron leaving Guber said- "Give me a break, will you? [LeBron's] in business. ... This is a 25-year-old kid who wants to put his product in the best marketplace. He gave them seven great years of complete loyalty and built himself from the ground up. He has a right to put that product in the best marketplace, on the best shelves, and think about the future. It's a team sport. He wanted to surround himself with the kind of people that would help build that legacy. I think he did a hell of a job."

However classless Lebron's "The Decision" may have been, we all know why he left.  They weren't a good enough team.  He asked for help 3 years ago, never truly got it.  Guber's comments come across to me as a guy who gets what you need to do to keep a star player happy.  After Cohan's poor treatment of players, and inability to really entice any player to come, having an owner who understands what NBA players want is huge.  Similar to how Cuban and other owners treat there players first class, make them want to stay, I get impression Guber (as an entertainment industry guy) to understand value of a star AND what you need to do to keep one.

3. Joseph Lacob is a HUGE Warriors Fan- Lacob has been a Warriors season ticket holder for (reportedly) 10 years.  Unlike Ellison, who may have attended a few games here and there Lacob has been going for years, felt our pain.   I  spoke with friends who know of Lacob through KCPB, and they confirmed he is indeed a HUGE Warriors fans.  According to what I heard, he is very passionate about the team, similar to McGowan with the Giants, he is often speaking about the team like a fan etc.  Though, I don't expect him to be like Cuban (who is?), Joe Lacob could easily be like the Maloofs or other owners who are highly visible courtside and show there passion.  After 16 years of Cohan, this is beyond refreshing.


2. They paid $450 MILLION!- Like it or not, no one is going to pay that kind of money to run a losing operation.  The only reason the Warriors set a record NBA sale price is potential of the market.  We know how passionate Warriors fans are, and how big the Bay Area market is.  The only way to truly justify that price and increase the value (what all owners want to do) is to put a consistently winning product on the floor.  Cohan bought the team for $119million, and ran the time on a tight budget, refusing to go into luxury tax, taking marginal profits to eventually get his money back.  For Lacob and Guber to get return on there investment and increase value, the Warriors need to be a consistent winner like Dallas, LA, etc.  More so, paying that much shows a passion for the team.

1. THEY'RE NOT CHRIS COHAN- As cliche as it is, this cannot be stated enough.  If not for Donald Sterling's awesome reputation in LA, it'd be safe to say Cohan would be widely regarded as the worst owner in NBA.  Alienating fans, constantly making poor decisions regarding management, roster, and a general LACK of commitment to winning,  it was time to go.  At this point anyone is better.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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