Possible options for using Morrow's trade exception

This has been an interesting off season for us Warriors fans. We have seen some of our fan favorites leave us and we have brought in an all star in his prime, a fair trade off i would say. I think we have a chance at being competitive and possibly squeaking into the playoffs but were still a few players short. We need a backup point guard, a backup shooting guard or small forward depending on what Reggie Williams plays and another Center. We have a 4 million dollar trade exception which can be put to good use with a little creativity. Here is a realistic list of guys that i believe we have a shot at by exercising the trade exception.

Jeff Teague - Atlanta Hawks - Guard

Why we would do it: We just lost Cj Watson to the Bulls and we desperately need a backup point guard. Teague is in his second year, shows good potential, good size (i think he could be a combo guard), and a good outside shot.

Why they would do it: The Hawks just gave Joe Johnson the worst contract in NBA history. They are going to have to get ride of some people, they already are reportedly trying to ship away lottery bust Marvin Williams. They need to save money and they are trying to make a run in the playoffs now they don't have time to wait to develop Teague.

J.J. Barea - Dallas Mavericks - Guard

Why we would do it: The mavericks play a similar style to us, all offense no defense. Barea would fit in perfectly playing nellieball. Hes an instant spark off the bench, he makes good decisions, and is a fan favorite. He is also one of the smallest combo guards in the league and we all know that Nellie loves combo guys.

Why they would do it: Last season Dallas had the highest payroll in the NBA. They had to resign Dirk and even though he took a pay cut they will be pinching pennies to keep all those guys on their roster. Roddy Buckets had a very good rookie season and he can play both guard positions which eliminates the need for J.J..

Mario Chalmers - Miami Heat - Guard

Why we would do it: He is a young point guard that can shoot the three. Chalmers has always been a nice talent who just hasnt put it all together yet. I think he could be a very good point guard in the league he just needs the right opportunity. He has mostly been the starter for Miami and he isnt ready for such a large roll.

Why they would do it: Miami needs veterans asap. They no longer have the convenience of waiting around for Chalmers to blossom into his potential. Obviously they wont be satisfied with anything but championships. If Chalmers had a larger contract he most certainly would have been traded by now but he gets a pass since his contract is so small. The Heat still need to find a starting center (I dont think Big Z has it in him to be a starter anymore and Dexter Pittman is an unproven 2nd rounder) among other role players.

Rudy Fernandez - Portland Trail Blazers - Guard/Small Forward

Why we would do it: Rudy is a very good scorer. He is very athletic, he can dunk with the best of them. He stretches the floor and is an efficient three point shooter. He also has good size and can play the 2 or the 3.  He has made it clear that he wants out of Portland, their roster is so deep that he just doesn't get enough playing time. Rudy reminds me of Bellineli, a talented guy who just hasn't put it all together yet or has gotten himself in the coaches doghouse for whatever reason.

Why they would do it: The Blazers are so deep they wouldn't even know he was gone. They could free up more cap space in case Greg Oden, and Joel Pryzbilla go down again and they need to find an emergency center. Rudy has made it clear that he wants to be traded and I think either the Blazers have to give him ample playing time or let him go before he becomes cancerous in the locker room.

Sam Young - Memphis Grizzlies - Forward

Why we would do it: Even with the addition of Wright we still need another small forward. Sam Young has potential he is athletic, a big body, good defender and is developing his outside game. He was a late first round pick in the draft last year.

Why they would do it: The Grizz are going to run into financial trouble very quickly. They just resigned Rudy Gay to a huge contract he is only 24 and will be their small forward of the future. Tthe rest of their starting lineup minus Mike Conley are all going to demand big bucks as well. They have to resign Mark Gassol next off season and he wont sign for cheap. They want to make a playoff run now and Sam Young is still needs to develop before he can be a great role player on a playoffs caliber team.

Brandon Rush - Indiana Pacers - Guard

Why we would do it: Our bench needs help. We need some scorers off the bench to play in our system. Brandon rush can do it all, dripple, shoot, and slash.

Why they would do it: Rush has had just started to have some success with the Pacers until Dahntey Jones came along. With the all three of the Pacers rookies, Lance Stephenson, Magnum Rolle, and Paul George looking like studs Rush has one foot out the door.

A couple of other guys I would be interested in are: Jermaine Taylor from the Rockets, and Jodie Meeks from the 76ers.

These are some guys that I think we have a realistic shot at acquiring with the 2million dollar trade exception.

What do you guys think?

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