The Golden State Warrior Fan Q/A


Hey GSOM, As you guys all know it has been a buzy off season for our Warriors. From a brand new logo to ownership change to many fan favorites being traded, our franchise is looking alot different than that of last year. I thought it would be cool to for everyone to answer these questions. 

1. How long have you been a Golden State Warriors fan?

2. Do you like the new logo/look?

3. How do you feel about the team right now? Playoffs?

4. How do you feel about our soon to be new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber?

5. Who do you want to be the new Warriors coach and GM?

6. Who on the team do you think should be built around?

7. How good do you think Stephen Curry can become?

8. Do you think Stephen Curry can be a 20 point 10 assist guy?

9. Your love for the Warriors on a scale of 1-10? 1 being hate and 10 being love.

10. Are you optimistic of the future in Golden State?

I will go first

1. I've been a Warrior fan for 8 years. Back when Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas, and Antawn Jamison were in the Bay. Warrior fan for life!

2. I love the new logo. Royal Blue and Yellow are great colors and I like that we are getting back to our old roots. I liked our old look with the orange and blue but i love the new look. Alittle too much yellow on our court but it will be ok lol.

3. I feel pretty good about the team right now. I think we need to make a couple more moves and maybe get a good player at the trade deadline to compete for a playoff spot but I feel with Curry, Ellis, D Wright, Lee, and Andris we have a very solid Starting 5. 

4. I wanted Larry Ellison but I love the fact that Joe Lacob is not only a Warrior fan but has been with the Celtics so he has an idea of how to run the team. I have not heard a bad thing about Lacob yet. Peter Guber also has a nice background with the marketing aspect. I think these to together may be a great combo and will hopefully lead Golden State back to the Golden Age in our franchise. I'm willing to give them a chance before writing them off.

5. I think Brian Shaw would be a great coach here in Golden State. He's a young coach who has been under Phil Jackson so he knows how to win as a coach and would bring defense to this team. He also seems to be a guy who can relate to players and someone who will be here for the long run. I would also love to have Kevin Prichard as our GM(what Warrior fan wouldn't) Just looking at the job he did in Portland he seems like the perfect GM for GS. With new owners who hopefully will be willing to spend to win, I would love to have Kevin Prichard here building a great team through the draft and trades. He is known around the league so he has many connections as well. 

6. I think Stephen Curry is the main guy along with David Lee and maybe Andris Biedrins if he can get back to his old self. I also think we need to see what we have in Brandan Wright. I would say Monta Ellis but I don't think he fits long term with Curry in the backcourt. But Curry is the guy we should center our team around.

7. I think Steph Curry can become a really good player. I think you don't want him to be your best player on a championship team but there is no doubt that Curry has a world of potential. He does it all. He has always been a great shooter, but his BBIQ, ball handeling, passing and rebounding are great as well. He can still improve his defense but he shows a commitment to that side of the floor so he will get better. He will also get bigger, hopefully height and weight wise. I think playing on Team USA rather he makes the team our not will be great for him. If he makes the team, he gains a great experience. If he gets cut, he will have that chip on his shoulder to get better.

8. If Stephen Curry continues to work hard I don't see why he couldn't average 20 and 10. Scoring is easy for him, I think the 10 assists would be more impressive. He averaged 5.9 assits as a rookie with D leaguers so I think with David Lee and a better supporting cast as we move on, he could get to 10 assits.

9. Its a 10. Love GSW! Would love them even more if we won more. Can you imagine our team be a championship/contending team every year? Oracle will be louder than We Believe!

10. I think we have a bright future here in Golden State. I think with our cap space in a great situation and getting new ownership we as fans have alot to look forward to. Watching Stephen Curry continue to improve and develop will be awsome as well. As Peter Guber said, "This is the beginnig of the begiing."

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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