Reminder to fans: It's not just the new owners that needs to be taking notes

Now that the Warriors will finally have new owners by the start of next season, everybody's already shared they thoughts of what the new owners should take from the old. Guidelines of what to follow, or in more cases, what NOT to follow. But I just want to say, that as fans we need to take this opportunity to understand something...

We are as KEY to this franchise as, say, for the moment at least, Stephen Curry.

We are the reason that, for all of the suckage Chris Cohan has dawned upon us all these years, he still was able to leverage $450M on his way out the door.

We are the reason that this is happening only now. Not some 5-6 years ago. Now this is just speculation on my part, but I think the We Believe era shook the Warriors' situation. See, if for a decade you haven't made the playoffs then expectations doesn't really exceed anything other than making it. And for years, the Warriors always make some run at the end of the season that makes you think, if we can just do that next year we'll be fine. Which has been the Warriors' cycle until we actually made the playoffs. Fans saw the success, was upset about everything that happened after, and possibly hit where it matters most - Cohan's pockets. If frustrations on the internet is any indication, people are finally closing their wallets on the Warriors. Which I believe, eventually lead to this eventful summer. Now back to our role in this....

While Curry, Monta, Lee, etc... are key to the Warriors' success on the court. We're responsible for the Warriors' success off the court. Merchandise, ticket sales, etc. Every fan who chose to spend/not spend their money on Warriors related stuff hold key to the Warriors' success as a business. That's pretty powerful.

If you read or listen to interviews of the new owners you hear a lot of two things: winning and fans. Rightfully so. In order for the Warriors to succeed as a basketball team, they need to learn how to win and win consistently. In order for the Warriors to succeed as a business franchise, they need to learn how to keep people from going to the games and buying stuff.

If "The Decision" has taught us anything, it's that when we're valuable to a franchise we can hold them on the palm of our hands. Think about this, they did all those stuff (the visits, custom Sopranos, custom cartoons) to bring a guy to their team AND pay him $100M (of course, the reason is because he'll eventually rake money for them). So imagine what all those teams are willing to do for the fans who will be the one dishing out the money directly.

And this is how we need to think, we're a very valuable part of this process and hold as much power as someone like LeBron. If you're in here just for entertainment, just to pay to watch people shoot the basketball I guess, then by all means ignore this since the Warriors' concern for the past decade is to provide us 'A Great Time Out'. But if you're like me who wants nothing more than for this franchise to be a constant playoff team and maybe win a couple of championships here and there then the next time you're thinking about buying a jersey or going to the game, think about this: Have the Warriors earned it???


Also, the new owners are a lot more accessible than the old one. For one, I know at least one of them have a twitter. We don't have to cut out the Warriors the first sign of trouble, the new owners already asked us for some patience, so until that time comes we can always resort to voicing our frustrations through social network.

Let's just not wait another 15+ years before putting the pressure again.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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