Monta Ellis

I just got done watching a video on Monta Ellis from last season and i must say it got me really excited about this upcoming season!

Some Questions i have for everyone:

  1. Can Monta Ellis play with Curry?
  2. Can he share the ball?
  3. Does Monta Just need a real point guard and a real team around him, and not a bunch of rookies, or d league players?

  1. I think Monta Ellis and Curry can indeed play together. It made no sense for Ellis to complain as much as he did last season about playing alognside curry because he was so called to small. Ellis had to play with watson, crawford who are all small gaurds. I think Ellis just wants to win just as bad as us fans want the warriors to win, and he felt like brining in a rookie just wasnt it. He knows what curry is capable of now and i think these two will begin to get along becuase they have created names for themselves.
  2. Monta Ellis looked like a ball hogg last season, but i wouldnt blame him. Ellis is the franchise player unless he is traded then this will officialy be curry's team. I think Monta ellis didnt feel comfortable with the team he had places around him. He wants veterans and NBA experince around him! After watching this video i see that Monta only passed to players like Corey M, Ronny T. andris B.. These are all veteran players who have been in the Nba and he knows can play and put the ball in the basket. He didnt pass much to morrow or curry even though they were our best shooters, because his comfort with them. I feel this year will be different. I feel Ellis will allow Curry to run the offense and he will hit ellis for the easy lobs and jump shots.
  3. I kind of asnwered this already. I think Ellis just wanted real Nba players to play with and we will see him play more like a team player. If he doesnt do this, then he will just make a complete fool of himself, becuase this team will go nowhere if he plays 1 man game and not a team game. He cant make excuses anymore because he has real players now, and not a bunch of backups.

Finally i would just like to add in, Monta Ellis is a beast! Im going to post a video of him from last season, and he was just unstopable. He was fearless going to the basket and was probably our 2nd best post up player. He has great foot work and i feel he will be an all star this year. I really hope ellis just isnt kicking it back waiting for a trade to happen, and is taking good care of ellis Jr.. I hope we begin to see Ellis and Curry both doing things for the fans and getting some chemistry together. I watched a video on curry and ellis posted a few days ago and id hope they arent B*S*ing the fans, but they both put out there they want to play together and prove everyone wrong. I feel if we are going to be succesful it starts with those 2. I dont see Ellis wanting to be traded anywhere else becuase teams are already set the contending teams that is. If Ellis wants to go to a new team itll be a rebuilding team and that just wouldnt make any sense because itll be more rookies around him and he will just be a guard who never made a real name for himself. I hope he uses his head this year because we can really go places with curry, ellis, lee, and i will include andris, but really its curry, ellis, and lee!



Heres the video i watched:

This is why we really shouldnt trade Ellis because if we do he will just do this to us and we will look very dumb when hes an all star on another team. Oh  and when we got rid of jrich to resign ellis a few seasons ago !

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