The rise of the Super Teams

 I am interested to hear what everyone else thinks about the rise of the "Super team." Also, what is the most logical path for the Warriors to form a Super team of our own?

I know Jordan and Magic bashed LeBron for joining up with DWade; but honestly, I think this was a pretty savvy move by LBJ to shore up his legacy (aka: win a bunch of rings). Cleveland fans may be crying tears of betrayal while the rest of us are waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop…Think about it like a war of escalation, but here the WMDs are Players of Mass Contribution (PMCs). Stars are no longer just asking for the right pieces to complement them, they are demanding some of the best pieces available in order to build an unstoppable powerhouse.

I think it started (at least most recently) when the Celtics got Ray Allen and KG to pair with Paul Peirce…called it "the new big three." They went on to win the championship that year after owning the Lakers in the Finals.

Next up, Kobe gets his wish as the Lakers get Pau for nothing. With Pau on board, Kobe’s team finally turned the corner from really good, to ridiculous. Now you’ve got Kobe (one of the greatest palyers of all time), paired with a bunch of legitimate all-stars (Pau, Odom, Artest, Bynum (?)). After winning two in a row, it looked like the Lakers were pretty much untouchable for at least a few more years and you know the term "three-peat" was already getting thrown around. But before Kobe could even begin dreaming about getting "one for the big toe," the Heat landed an avalanche of talent.

Now you’ve got Chris Paul talking about joining up with Melo and Amare in the Big Apple.  So, is this a new phenomenon? Sadly, I don’t have a ton of historical b-ball IQ, so I can’t say for sure. But it seems to me that this is a recent development. The Bulls, Lakers, Pistons, Celtics, of the last decade or two were built around one superstar, or two at the most. Toronto, among other teams, was still stuck in this old mindset (let’s forget the question – for the moment – of whether or not Bosh is even capable of being a franchise cornerstone) and kept trying to "build around" Bosh. While Miami correctly realized that one, or even two all-NBA-caliber players would not be enough to legitimately compete with the Lakers.  

So what do you say GSOM? How much talent is too much? And how/can the Warriors go about getting themselves into the rarified air of having a crazy good team? To me, it looks like the Heat are poised to become the team of the oh-10’s. Say what you want about team chemistry; with the amount of talent that the Heat have, most teams are going to be rolled up and smoked by the Heat (that joke would have been way funnier if Beasley was still around, but oh well).

Now comes the hardest question for the Warriors. In order to form the Super Warriors, we will need to make some roster changes. That much is clear. But who should stay and who should go? Also, who would be the ideal addition (and let’s try to keep it remotely realistic here.

So here are my recommended 5 steps for the Dubs super team:

1.)    Give Monta and Curry a chance to play together. These guys are both scary good at basketball. Granted, we may need to move Monta in order land a legit all-NBA talent, but I think you could also make the argument that retaining both of these guys will end up attracting more talent.

2.)    Nelson must go.  Defense wins championships. Enough said?

3.)    Cross into the luxury tax.  Cohan was a cheap bastard, making multiple moves designed to put money in his pocket. The luxury tax was completely out of the question. Although this is not a fool-proof solution (see the Spurs last season), it is a prerequisite for teams that want to compete for the trophy.

4.)    Have a plan…complete with short- and long-term goals. I think we may be on the right path here, with the new ownership. But the Dubs have made some absolutely head-scratching moves (like blowing up the We Believe playoff team).  If we can make the playoffs this year (a BIG if) and land a big name next year (or even the year after, since we are such a young team) then we are on the right path.

5.)    Get a big, defense-oriented big. Beans is one of my favorites, I like the addition of Lee. But let’s be honest, we have a small backcourt, so we need a reasonably mobile lane-clogger to defend the rim and bang down low. I know, I know, every team wants one. But like an iphone, it’s actually a pretty awesome idea.

 Whew, that’s a really long post!!

Thanks for sticking with me, now let’s talk about who needs to come or go in order to form the Super Warriors!

(sorry, I also had a bunch of pictures, but I can't figure out how to post them)



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