Crazy Trade Machine Ideas

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Stop here if you do not want to waste your time reading about ideas that probably will not happen.


This is my crazy trade machine idea, over the off-season it is almost a tradition to post trade ideas. Well I have a few of my own. One trade will probably be considered too good to be true and the other trade will probably be considered quite idiotic but through my (most likely) flawed logic I think it would make the team a playoff contender and potentially keep our financial flexibility.

Trade #1:


Currently the Warrior's front court is David Lee and Andris Biedrins. My sources state that these two players are both great rebounders and sub par defenders. David Lee's post up PPP is somewhere between .98-1.02 and he is a very inviting target for other players to post up against(he was playing center mostly last year.) Biedrins ranks better but still inviting at .93. Now both of these guys are better than Tolliver who had a post up PPP of 1.06 which is horrible to say the least(he played center and was horrible undersized.) so we already are doing slightly better than last year. I personally think that we should jettison Biedrins in favor of a better defending center, we can sacrifice some rebounding since Lee does so well in that category.


We also have an undersized back court that is also a defensive liability. This give us one very ripe trading partner in the Phoenix Suns who have way too many wing players. This is why my first trade is:


Andris Biedrins and Vladamir Radmanovic for Jason Richardson and Robin Lopez


Richardson had a very good year last year and is a fan favorite in Oakland. Richardson is getting older but his huge contract is expiring and if we wanted to resign him he wouldn't be for too many years and it wouldn't be as much as he is making now. Robin Lopez replaces Biedrins, although Lopez doesn't rebound or block as well as Biedrins he can run the floor and he has a post up PPP of .84, he can also shoot free throws. This also makes room for Turkoglu or Dudley to get more playing time in Phoenix and Phoenix gets the large expiring contract of Radmanovic.


Obviously this would be a pretty good trade for the Warriors, Phoenix would be getting a more established product in Biedrins and the Warriors would be getting Richardson back, it would be a highly lauded trade. You could also throw in a 2nd round draft pick to sweeten the deal.


So there you have it trade #1 done, Biedrins gets his wish he plays with Nash and scores 32.1 points per game and wins the MVP.

Trade #2:


Now the more controversial trade this one involves Atlanta. Now that the Warriors have Richardson, Monta is expendable. Atlanta doesn't really have proven guard to play along with Joe Johnson. Johnson just got a massive contract and Atlanta seems to be in the “win now” mode. So trading Monta Ellis to Atlanta for for Zaza Pachulia and Mike Bibby would make sense for Atlanta.  Monta could finally play the point like he has expressed he wanted to, Atlanta would have a whole bunch of high volume scorers but they could figure that out I am sure. Both Bibby and Pachulia are good backups for the Warriors.  We know that Pachulia and Bibby don't hold a candle to Monta in terms of talent but they do fit the team. Bibby is a solid player especially as a back up, he can shoot the 3 plays defense and has been a solid point guard for years. Pachulia is not great but he can be a presence down low and would be a much better back up as a true center compared to Gadzuric. We could even try and get Atlanta's 1st round pick out of the deal if they have a 1st round pick to trade.


Although Monta as well as most Warrior fans might feel bad letting Monta go we would be trading him to a team in the south and it would be closer to Monta's home.


With both of those trades you get this team(Assuming we resign Devean George, and Chris Hunter.):


PG: Stephen Curry, Mike Bibby, Jeremy Lin

SG: Jason Richardson, Reggie Williams, Charlie Bell

SF: Dorrell Wright, Devean George

PF: David Lee, Brandan Wright, Ekpe Udoh

C: Robin Lopez, Zaza Pachulia, Dan Gadzuric, Chris Hunter


Granted I would also like Amundson on the team instead of Chris Hunter but I don't know if that would happen, still I think this team has the starting talent and the depth needed to make the playoffs. It is still a young team, with some proven main stays and even some good defenders. The Center position is a little chaotic still this is a much better team than the one we currently have. If we wanted we could also be players in the free agent market next season as we would still have B. Wright and Richardson coming up on expiring deals.


So there you have our positional depth problems eliminated our team is well rounded and ready to make the playoffs. If anyone gets injured there is someone who can take their place who is adequate.

Minute breakdown


PG: Curry(32) Bibby(14) Lin(2)

SG: Richardon(20) Williams(16) Bibby(5) Curry (4) Bell(3)

SF: D. Wright(26) Richardson (11) Williams (10) George(1)

PF: Lee(36) B Wright(8) Udoh(4)

C: Lopez(24) Pachulia (10) Udoh(8) Wright(4) Hunter(1) Gadzuric(1)


We would have the ability to play small ball(only when appropriate) We would have plenty of players that could hit the 3. Plenty of players that can score in the post, and plenty of players who are capable of playing defense


Also I would like to point out that I think both trades would be good and the trades don't require each other to happen.  If we trade for Lopez and Richardson we still have Ellis but that is okay.  If we trade for Bibby and Pachulia we still have Biedrins and that is okay also.


My philosophy in basketball is to find undervalued assets for the team, so the team can get the most wins per dollar spent.









This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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