The Two Remaining Roster Spots

Looking at the remaing free agents, the Warriors positional team needs (SF, F/C), and at Larry Riley preferring "players who have actually played in some NBA games" and trying to make a match. Not my first choices fellow fans...just going with the criteria.

Free Agent SF Free Agent PF Free Agent C
Rashad McCants 6'7 Anthony Tolliver 6'9 Shaquille Oneal 7'1
Jarvis Hayes 6'8 James Singleton 6'8 Josh Boone 6'10
Keith Bogans 6'5 Louis Amundson 6'10 Chris Hunter 6'11
Rodney Carney 6'7 Malik Allen 6'10 Kwame Brown 6'11
Stephen Graham 6'6 Devean George 6'8 Etan Thomas 6'10
Adam Morrison 6'8 Joe Smith 6'10 Kyrylo Fesenko 7'1
Sasha Pavlovic 6'8 Sean May 6'10 DJ Mbenga 7'0
Cartier Martin 6'7 Brian Cardinal 6'10 Fabricio Oberto 6'10
Tracy Mcgrady 6'8 Brian Scalabrine 6'9 Oleksiy Pecherov 7'0
Trenton Hassell 6'5 Jonathan Bender 7'0 Nathan Jawaii 6'10
Michael Finley 6'7 Ike Diogu 6'8 Earl Barron 6'10
Steve Novak 6'10 Bobby Simmons 6'6 Randolph Morris 6'11
Damien Wilkens 6'6 Joe Alexander 6'8 Brian Skinner 6'9
Taylor Griffin 6'9 Sean Marks 6'10
Patrick O'Bryant 7'0
Jarron Collins 7'0
Francisco Elson 7'0
Primoz Brezec 7'1
*The Players that are highlighted in grey probably wont be on a roster to start the season.

At Small Forward the two players that stick out to me as a fit for the Warriors needs are Michael Finley and Sasha Pavlovich. After watching Finley play with the Spurs and Celtics (or rather not play) I feel like he is done. As for Pavlovich he was a crucial part in the journey to the NBA Finals in the 06-07 season against the Spurs and he played in the Eastern Conference Finals in 07-08 against the Celtics and again in 08-09 against the Magic. His 09-10 season with The Timberwolves was an ugly one which begs the question of whether he's done or not at the age of 27? or is playing off the bench for the Timberwolves after being let go by the Cavaliers that depressing? I think Pavlovich defintely fits for our team needs and for Rileys preference. Maybe playing with better players here in Golden State in comparison to Minnesota and playing in our run and gun style will bring out the 06-07 version of Pavlovich as he is supposed to be peaking around this age rather than dying off. Honestly I'd rather have Cartier Martin or Joey Graham...

Vid: Sasha Pavlovic 

At Forward/Center I don't see a player that really matches our team needs. No doubt there are players that would fit Rileys preference of  "playing in some NBA games" in Devean George, Shaquille Oneal, Kwame Brown and Francisco Elson but these guys are either washed up or are a bad fit chemistry wise. I'd rather have one of these guys as an assistant coach than having them ride the bench with a roster spot and a million bucks.

Hopefully Larry Riley will go for the players that are a good fit but havent neccesarily played in any big games. However there are challenges with these players as well as the better ones want to get paid. Anthony Tolliver, Louis Amundson, are unproven as they have not played in any big games and would want more money than we probably want to give up. Etan Thomas seems like a good fit but after two inury plagued seasons I'm not sure that's a good choice either.

The third choice would be to look at a rookie or at any other player trying to break into the league in which we have Andre Brown and Vernon Goodridge that will most likely be at our training camp.

Vid: Andre Brown

Vid: Vernon Goodridge





Biedrins/Gadzurich/Goodrich or Brown

Remember not my preferences...just looking for the right fit according to Riley's preferences and the Warriors team needs. What are your ideas for the last two roster spots?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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