Possible options for the remainder of the offseason

With a couple months remaining until the season begins, trade rumors have begun to come up reagarding the Dubs and 'Melo. I am not entirely against this idea, especially after hearing that he will likely be getting a 3 yr extension with whoever he signs. However, I think that there might be a couple other better options that we could go with.

Option 1:   Keep the same team

Currently, we have a young team that is an improvement over last year, but is still weak at certain positions (SF, C)... We still might be able to pick someone up from FA with the remaining of our MLE... but other than that we would pretty much be the same team...


Option 2:   Trade for 'Melo   

We receive:  Carmelo Anthony

Nuggets receive:  Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins

The good:

People have already come up with earlier trade ideas regarding 'Melo that may look better for us, but I think that Monta and Beans will be the least we would have to give up to get someone of his caliber. Melo is an absolute stud at SF, a position that we are weak in and if we're able to sign him long term then we are set at the position for a while.

The bad:  

We become very weak at C, with the new #1 on our depth chart becoming... Gadzuric?!? It's possible that we are able to get a big in the FA such as Amundson, but even Amundson is more of an energy role player than a starter.


Option 3:  Trade for Iggy

We receive: Iguodala and Brandon Bass

76ers receive: Monta and Daniel Orton

Magic receive: Brandan Wright

The good: We receive one of the most athletic players in the league along with a big man that can provide energy off the bench (perhaps take Ronny's role from last year?) Iggy also was able to work with Curry for the Internationals and that could help them mesh right away considering that there is not much time until the season starts.

The bad: We lose our top scorer as well as a promising young player in Wright. I know a lot of people have been hating on him because he seems to get injured by anything and everything, but you also have to remember that he's only 22 and has played well and efficiently when he was healthy.


Option 4: Trade for Prince

We receive: Tayshaun Prince

Pistons receive: Biedrins

The good: I saw this trade come up earlier on GSOM and I think that this would be an interesting time to pull it off. We get a long forward who has put up much better stats in the past when he worked with a good point guard (Billups). He should be able to grab rebounds with his length and provide us with another scoring wing.

The bad: As mentioned earlier, we are already very weak at the C position and making a trade like this won't help, even if we pick up someone like Amundson in the FA. However, Biedrins has already been disgruntled with the Warriors and we might be left with no choice but to trade him.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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