Curry's FIBA experience, it's effect on Training camp

An interesting dynamic that has been thoroughly discussed here, has been the responsibility of Ellis accepting a new role and allowing the offense to run through Stephen Curry. Still, a few actually believe that Ellis is our best player, an inimitable one. 

After listening to Lacob, I've gathered that he is correct in his assertion when he says, "It's not going to happen overnight." Sound rationale, both fundamentally and strategically. When he's saying "It", I believe he's referring to the roster, largely implying Ellis as the object of this consideration. Yes, now is not the best time to trade him, if he is in fact destined to be placed on the block. Aside from the weenies who still can't grasp the cold fact that two points is two points, the suits in the front office know how to truly evaluate a player like Ellis in relation to a winning roster. 

How many times have the Warriors fallen victim to impatience? Will they continue to support the same pathology of trading away talent for lesser players and pipe dreams of the free agency period? Patience is a virtue that resonates in Lacob's understanding of the game and how to manage players. He has said all the right things.

A series of perfect misfortune was the prequel to Ellis' latest display of incompetence as the leader of an inadequate roster. From the Baron Davis misfire and the Harrington trade, all the way to the cocaine-fueled rush to find the quickest fix in town(Corey, not Haim), Ellis was rebuked and wore the mask of a scapegoat to redirect the fury that justifiably should have fell upon men like Robert Rowell and Don Nelson. I think this is recognized by the team's new owner.

Under the perception of how Ellis must properly negotiate his new role on the team, there is nothing more appropriate than Stephen Curry playing in the tournament during the off-season. Why?


Basketball is a game of rhythm and repetition. While many fans were understandably worried about Curry possibly suffering injury, there is no question that this is absolutely, positively the best thing to happen to the team, politically. While the rest of the squad is working out individually at home, or in the facility, Curry is being recognized every day by going head to head against the NBA's best. He has not missed a beat, sharpening his tools against the elite of the elite in an environment with absolutely no distractions. On his off days, he is sitting on the bench for the majority of games, watching the best competition in the world from new eyes, from a student's perspective, participating during the end of quarters to cap off his cultured education. He is an olympian. Warriors fans know this, Warriors' management knows this, the entire world does. 


In essence, this leaves even less room for discussion over who will be the leader of our team. Positionally and reputedly, Stephen Curry has cemented his role as the face of the franchise, and coming into training camp, there will be no confusion about assigning roles. Aside from the reputation and image Curry is creating for himself, his skills have undoubtedly improved, and he should be the best player in camp, noticeably enough.


This contributes greatly towards creating an atmosphere with "no excuses" for players like Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins. No longer is there Corey Maggette looking over his shoulder at Stephen Jackson and asking Nellie what his "role" is, while coach shrugs and looks the other way. We know everybody, and at this point, it's not asking a lot for them to know themselves. It's not going to get any easier for Monta to recognize how to succeed, as it is right now. The acquisition of David Lee was ingenious in regards to this cause, as it takes even less pressure from the Ellis/Curry situation, providing more support and perspective from a seasoned name, and a prominent force in such a consistent veteran. 


In conclusion, Joe Lacob is evaluating the Monta Ellis game correctly, and playing it in such a way where he's going to take this team as far as it can possibly go this season by allowing chemistry without any obstructions or unneeded dams. Consequently, I believe we will get the most from Ellis as he returns to his natural element as a calculated scorer, trusting in his teammates. By season's end, we will then sit back comfortably with our hands folded, and watch the takers line up, as we make a convicting push towards constructing a deep playoff contender.

I've said before that Smart or Silas should be the coach for this year. Stephen Curry said something in his latest interview to the effect of "Morale is the only thing that matters." Although not the most talented candidate, Smart supports this notion, while the philosophy of patience is equally represented, as Lacob is obviously in no hurry to rush and find a new man just for the sake of change. I would rather keep morale with a lesser coach for a year, with time to make proper evaluations, than sign the greater coach, possibly the wrong coach, for a lengthy deal that could cost the team money it could spend on say, a better medical staff. Stephen Curry's off--season play contributes greatly towards building this team's culture, and greatly increases the chances of the Warriors preparing for the season with a clean slate!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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