Elite Idea

First off i would just like to thank Don Nelson for all his great years with the WARRIORS!


Moving on now. Lets welcome Keith Smart as our new head coach. At least he will be for this season!!


I titled this post elite idea because i think the warriors can be a dominate team in the WEST next year.


2011-2012 GSW TEAM:


PG: Stephen Curry

SG: Monta Ellis

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: David Lee

C: Ronny Turiaf





Carmelo Anthony + J.R. Smith

Denver GETS:

Andries Biedrins + Reggie Williams + Brandon Wright + two expiring contracts in Vlad R. and Charlie Bell and possibly a pick or cash!



I love this trade because one we get carmelo + we get to keep Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry together which equals a dominate backcourt something like the wizards will have this year with John Wall and Gilbert Arenas. I dont know why everyone is so quick to trade Monta Ellis, but we need to step back and think do we really want him scoring 40 a night on us if we give up on him? Do we really want to continue the Cohan era by being cheap and giving our best players up? I dont want to go to in depth on this Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry topic, but they are played to be basketball players, sometihng both are very good at. They both made amends this summer, Ellis had a long summer thinking about all his immature comments and mistakes and is finally ready to prove he is ready to be a leader, not to mention curry is coming off an explosive rookie year and winning a gold medal with the USA TEAM! I feel and know these two players can work together i know they can. Just watch!


Going back to this elite idea. 1st we pull off this trade. Denever will be getting a good center in andris who can get double doubles. Reggie Williams is the point/forward that gsw has ben looking for but i feel they can give up and denver would like this. Not to mention they would be getting wright who can pair up with andris and two expiring contracts in vlad r. and charlie bell and a pick or cash if we have any.


The warriors would do this because we get to rent carmelo for a year and show him how good of a team we could be if he were here + J.R. smith would be feeling reggie williams spot and he can play for 6th man of the year.


The warriors need to keep Curry, Ellis, Lee, d. wright, udoh, amundson, lin going into these next two seasons and lets just say the trade does go through; add melo and smith. The warriors would have 9 players forsure.


Lets look at next years free agents that we possibly can get or would want to sign:

  1. Cartier Martin (G/SF) **
  2. Josh Howard (F) **
  3. Carl Landry (F/C) *
  4. Jason Richardson (G/F) *
  5. Michael Pietrus (F) **
  6. Nick Collison (F/C) *
  7. Ronny Turiaf (F/C) ***
  8. Kelenna Azubukie (G/F) **
  9. David West (PF) *
  10. Troy Murphy (PF) *
  11. Chuck Hayes (F) **
  12. Shane Battier (F) *
  13. Leon Powe (PF) ***
  14. Tayshawn Prince (F) **
  15. Yao Ming (C) **

*** Really would sign with us.

** Possibly would sign

* Just another option

  1. Cartier Martin (G/SF) **  (Might resign with us)
  2. Josh Howard (F) ** (He may consider, but would this be good for our young team, hes like an Allen Iverson in training. bad attitude and bad vibe to his name and is beginning to loose his game)
  3. Carl Landry (F/C) * ( I feel like he will get resigned)
  4. Jason Richardson (G/F) * (Personally i would love to have J rich back in the bay, but i feel like hes still a starter and wont want that back up roll yet. Not to mention Monta Ellis kinda took his spot.)
  5. Michael Pietrus (F) ** (I wouldlike air france back in the bay but i feel he will do better on another team.)
  6. Nick Collison (F/C) * ( will get resigned)
  7. Ronny Turiaf (F/C) *** ( I feel as if we should bring turiaf back to the bay because he was a fan favorite. Plus how can you turn down a starting job!!!!)
  8. Kelenna Azubukie (G/F) ** (I feel many ppl might want this guy but his heart is still in the bay, but if we have MELO, then he may consider coming somewhere he knows he will always be a back up player only)
  9. David West (PF) * (He could help us, but i feel he wont be cool with the whole going from sf, pf, to center style of play if keith smart decides to do that, plus he would have lee in front of him.)
  10. Troy Murphy (PF) * ( just dont see him coming back here)
  11. Chuck Hayes (F) ** (tuff call he may or he may not)
  12. Shane Battier (F) * ( same deal as pietrus and azubukie, i dont see him taking a backup roll to melo, but maybe he will because he understands what it takes to win, so id change his to **)
  13. Leon Powe (PF) *** (BAY AREA NATIVE, so he would always be welcome to coming to play in front of his hometown fans)
  14. Tayshawn Prince (F) ** ( We have been intrested in this guy for a long time, and i feel he understands what it takes to win, and would be a good guy in the locker room, and would provide that good spark off the bench. He would really consider coming here only if he sees we are going places not if he sees himself starting. He kinda would be like a jermaine oneal or a lamar odom to our team.
  15. Yao Ming (c) ** ( i feel he would come here only because the fan base and lin and if we were to get rid of biedrins. Im unsure if he would want to back up turiaf or start over him, but he would be a good pick up for a few mins, but he wouldnt be able to run up tempo!!)

That leaves me with 6 players:

  1. Cartier Martin
  2. Josh Howard
  3. Ronny Turiaf
  4. Shane Battier
  5. Leon Powe
  6. Tayshawn Prince

Coach: Keith Smart



  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Monta Ellis
  3. Carmelo Anthony
  4. David Lee
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Ekpe Udoh
  7. J.R. Smith
  8. Dorell Wright
  9. Louis Amunson


Lets start off:


Ronny Turiaf: He is a fan favorite here and he would be crazy to turn down a starting job at center for us. So i feel he would be a lock in terms of us signing him next off season.

Tayshawn Prince: I feel he would sign with us just because he sees that we are headed in the right direction, and only because his shot at winning a ring with LA, Boston, or Miami are shot because they all have there teams set for now, so why not come here while we are on fire ( with getting new owners, new uniforms, new players, and possibly a new winning record)

Leon Powe: He hasnt really proved anything yet, mainly because he was injured all last season, but when he played i think it was for boston, the kid could play, also he is a bay area native, so im sure he would be wiling to accept a back up roll and provide us with some good minutes.

Shane Battier: I feel he would be good player in the locker room and would just give our team a certain swag we need in order to go deep into the playoffs. Not to mention, i dont think Curry is going to be affraid in the playoffs, but i do think he will have his times when he hits the wall he missed last season, so it would be good to let him rest up and possibly go with a bigger lineup with Ellis running the point and letting battier coming in and possibly putting a hand in durants face or even kobes??

Josh Howard, Cartier Martin, M. Pietrus, Kelenna Azubukie: If they were to sign with our team, all would be good players to have for depth, but im not sure they would all be willing to ride the bench all season nor do i feel they deserve to. Rodney Carney and Dorell Wright will do just fine.


When its all said in done, we would have a team with good solid big men, which would solve our  rebounding problems from the starting position, all the way to the not startiing position. We would have more then 1 or 2 big men, and more like 5 big men.  We would have a solid back court and if there are times when curry or ellis are injured or in a slump, we have a spicy rookie in LIN who wants to prove himself, or we have solid players in carney and smith who i trust more then a bunch of d league call ups. Finally our Forward position would be filled with an all star in carmelo and a few players who wouldnt mind backing up him or playing the little minutes because they know what it will take to get that ring.


2011-2012 Final Coach + Roster:

Coach: Keith Smart


PG: Stephen Curry

SG: Monta Ellis

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: David Lee

C: Ronny Turiaf



Jeremy Lin

Rodney Carney

J.R. Smith

Dorell Wright

Shane Battier

TayShawn Prince

Leon Powe

Ekpe Udoh

Louis Amundson

we would have 1 spot left and i think we can go with Chris Hunter for a few more years as a big guy to develop.


In conclusion, i like this idea, because; 1). we would have a solid starting five. 2). Our lineup would be more like cingular raising the bar rather then 4 small guards and one big guy. 3). Although we may have our small backcourt and we might get abused sometimes because of it, we can abuse right back because we have so many options in Monta 1 on 1 with his speed, Carmelo with his all star caliber, david lee with his all star caliber, curry with a outside shot, and turiaf setting pick and rolls all day with curry not to mention he may be open all the time because of all the attention ellis, curry, lee, and lets not forget melo all the attention they would be attracting. Our bench would be deep, we could actually have two solid backup (PF's) and (C's) coming off the bench in leon powe, udoh, louis amundson, tayshawn prince, and even chris hunter! We would be a scoring team and not to mention we would have some defensive aspects to our team having dorell wright, carmelo, and tayshawn prince, and amundson, and lets not forget udoh!

Anyway i would like to thank you for your time, and i really hope you enojoyed this wonderful idea, and i really think the WARRIORS FRONT OFFICE SHOULD LOOK INTO THIS IF THEY HAPPEN TO READ THIS!! WE WOULD BE DEEPER THEN THE LAKERS MIAMI HEAT and BOSTON CELTICS! WE would have so many different identitys that teams would be more shocked then our WE BELIEVE SEASON  a few years back.  :)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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