Golden State Warriors Training Camp Links - Day 1

It's day 1 of the 2010 Training camp, and the players did some running and conditioning tests. They say it's a 2-a-day practice, which I think means there will be a morning practice and an evening practice. Here's stuff that I found after the morning practice. If there's a bunch more stuff after the evening practice, I'll update and add an update note. If it's just a bit of stuff added, I'll add a comment only.

Edit1: According to the practice photo captions, the team is scheduled to have six consecutive 2-a-day practice sessions. Morning sessions will be conditioning exercises. Evening sessions will be competitive basketball activities.

Update: Found some footage of the Day 1 evening practice session. The evening practice session consisted more basketball action, and it certainly pumped me up for the season. You can briefly see Udoh going through the motions on his own on a side court.

Training Camp Videos

- Monta talks about the team chemistry and style of play.
UStream Video Link: Monta interview after morning practice

- Jerry Sichting on conditioning and being in shape and the defensive mindset.
UStream Video Link: Ast. coach Jerry Sichting interview after morning practice

- Jeremy Lin, Charlie Bell, Stephen Curry, and Reggie Williams putting in extra shooting practice.
UStream Video Link: Post-practice footage

Interview bits from Keith Smart, Biedrins, DWright, Curry.

- Inside footage from the evening practice.
Video Link: Evening Practice Footage

Interesting tweets

gswscribe: @JLin7 has some kind of brace on his right shoulder. Doesn't seen to be limiting him though

gswscribe: By the way, @JLin7 has what's called "shoulder laxity" or looseness in the shoulder joint. He said he wears the brace as a precaution

Other stuff

- Leftover bits and pieces from Media Day.
Rusty Simmons: More from media day

- Who will back up Curry? If Smart wants to reduce Monta's minutes, then Monta can't back Curry up for the entire season. MT2 looks at the options.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Looking Within for Back-up PG

- Matt Steinmetz with his observations after Day 1.
Matt Steinmetz: The Keith Smart Era Begins

- A photo gallery of the morning practice session: Warriors Practice Photos - 9/28/10

- A photo gallery of portraits of the players: Media Day Player Portraits


Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis cheesing it for a duo portrait. Click for full size.

My Notebook

- Jeremy Lin is wearing a shoulder brace as a precaution because of looseness in his shoulder joint.
- Monta vowed he will NOT play 48 min of a game this season.
- Riley wants to get an evaluation of the team by January to see how many moves are needed to make the playoffs. He vows this team will make the playoffs within the next few years.
- The collective bargaining agreement says that if there are 2 practices in a day, 1 of them must be a non-contact practice.
- Curry said the biggest thing he learned from FIBA was on-the-ball defense.

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