Golden State Warriors Training Camp Links - Day 3

The Day 3 morning practice footage includes a few minutes of real basketball action before the team broke up for shooting practice. During the action, you can see Ekpe Udoh practicing his defensive steps, rebounding when a shot is taken, and transition running in parallel with the main team on a side court. During the shooting practice, you can see Andris Biedrins practicing his free throw shooting in the background. Looks like his stroke is more fluid and includes a "knee bend".

Training Camp Videos

- Practice footage, then interviews with Andris Biedrins and Ast Coach Calbert Cheaney.
Andris Biedrins: fatigued entering 2009 training camp, refreshed entering 2010 training camp, playing with another big guy, more pick and rolls.
Calbert Cheaney: being an assistant coach, the players in training camp, team defense, big guys on the roster, BWright.
UStream Video Link: Thurs practice and interviews

Keith Smart, BWright tidbits on earning the evening off, Monta's maturity.

KNBR mp3s

- Topics: lessons learned from Nellie, roster of defensive/rebounding players, bringing in Mark Price, Curry after FIBA, Lee.
15:01 min: Keith Smart with Damon Bruce

- Topics: all the changes since last season, leadership, team offensive/defensive styles, relationship with Monta, playing with 2 small guards on the team, improved defense, Coach K, running the last play, Kevin Durant.
20:51 min: Stephen Curry with Ralph and Tom

- Transcript of Matt Steinmetz's weekly chat from yesterday.
Matt Steinmetz: Sept. 29 Chat Transcript

Other stuff

- Smart thought BWright stood out the most in the Thurs morning practice. Plus other tidbits.
Matt Steinmetz: Smart Looks to Get More Out of Wright

Interesting tweets

(from the morning practice)
gswscribe: @JLin7 rocking the bandage on his right eye during the scrimmage ... Vladimir J looking good gswscribe: Not sure how it's possible, but @StephenCurry30 stroke looks even purer


- Before camp, Smart told BWright to be ready to play some 3.
- Smart rewarded the team's effort with Thurs evening off. That's why we saw a contact game in the morning footage.
- Louis Amundson did not practice again because of the lower back stiffness.
- Smart knows who the captains are, but won't name them yet.
- Curry thinks the leaders of the locker room right now are Monta and Lee.

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