Keith Smart is a terrible coach

clippers game: the warriors made their best in the 2nd qtr and got the lead when udoh, amundson, radmanovic, ellis, and reggie in the lineup.  the 3 bigs weren't a factor offensively, but the warriors got the lead thanks to their defense.  smart will never realize that it is his bench players and defensive players that either bring him back in the game or get them the lead.  if i recall, udoh was his usual blocking shots, grabbing boards, and altering shots, and has the best +/- of any warrior again, at +5.  why oh why did he get only 12 mins?  and why oh why did he get pulled out of the game when the warriors got the lead and he was doing so well?  f--- you smart

lakers game: i didn't watch the game in full depth, but why did udoh get 0 minutes against the lakers bigs?  lee is not going to be able to defend gasol, bynum, or odom at all, he got torched by ike diogu on sunday!  i think smart put in gadzuric because he was a "veteran" but come on, live up to your name, smart!

udoh is just one example of smart's poor coaching.  besides that he's always favoring his starters to close out games too.  just because they are a starter does that mean they have to close out games??  put in the best lineup during the game that will get you the win smart!


 well if our overpaid lee and biedrins rebounded like they were paid to do, we would have had a much better shot at winning.  amundson can grab some boards, blocks, and play good defense with his energy and hustle.  udoh can grab boards, blocks, and alter shots.  i would have much rather seen udoh on gasol than david lee on gasol.  it's a no brainer, and the coach needs to stop looking at his "starters" and make the appropriate in-game adjustment and do some real coaching and exploit matchups - which was how nellie was successful - he would have baron post up against smaller guards in certain games, he took out the soft dunleavy and started a physical player journeyman barnes over him.  smart has a tendency to put in his "starting 5" to close out the 2nd and 4th qtrs - there is no golden rule saying that you have to put your starting 5 to close out games - why not put in the best players who played well that game.  cripes.

i don't think biedrins lost his nose for the ball.  it is clear that he only "plays" when he decides to, as in the memphis game when he got 27/20.  watching the lakers game, you see him make silly and lazy and-1 fouls again - i can't stand continually seeing this from him.  he is so soft and has no defensive presence at all.  udoh is already better than him defensively and offensively.  offensively udoh can hit shots all the way to the ft line, and udoh has smooth ft forms.  i would start udoh over biedrins.  relegate biedrins to the bench in order light a fire under his asss, and make him win his starting job again - that is what real coaches do.

and yes, we need to get our pf's and centers involved more.  what the heck does smart have against the pick n roll?  the pick n roll is lee's bread and butter and the reason how he averaged 20 ppg on the knicks last year.  i ALWAYS see lee have the ball in the post on an iso, he backs his guy in, and it bounces off his foot for a turnover.  lee has no post game whatsoever, he needs the ball on a pick and roll for crying out loud!

get this smart guy outta here!  jeff van gundy please.  let's get some real defense, not the gambling-i'm-gonna-try-and-get-away-with-it-swipe-it-lazy-fouls and if-the-refs-call-it-i'm-gonna-yell-back .... that is just a bad example to the crowd.  let's play some real disciplined defense and stay in front of our man!

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