These are the possible trades we should do. It involves keeping all our starters because our starters are great!

I mentioned these trade ideas a few times in the fanshots and thought it might be good to summarize them here.  I hope Warriors is already working on this.  These trades are not just possible trades, our Warriors actually has very good chance to make it work.

Target: Finding a star player or a good-good player that his team is eager trade him because of long term contract and financial problem with the team itself.

  1. 76ers Iggy: 3 more years + 1 year player option, around $13mil each year
  2. Bobcats Wallace: 2 years + 1 year player option, around $10.5mil per year
  3. 76ers Brand: 3 more years, avg $17mil per year
  4. Pistons Prince: expires,  $11mil

What Warriors can to offer:

  • Gaz expires: $7mil
  • Radman expires: $7mil
  • B Wright expires: $3.5mil
  • Bell one more year: $4mil
  • Reggie expires: $.7 mil but we wanna keep him
  • around $3mil cash

As far as I know, Bobcats and Pistons are in serious financial problem.  Bobcats just want to save money as much as they can with all possible efforts.  Pistons wants to clean it up and get ready to sell the team.   I am not sure about 76ers financial, but I am pretty sure they want to save some money if they know they are not in the playoff run.

  1. Iggy: trade Gaz+Radman
  2. Wallace: trade Gaz+BWright or Radman+BWright
  3. Brand: Trade Gaz+Radman+$3mil cash offer
  4. Prince: Pistons might be interested in Gaz + cash offer or Radman + cash offer, so they save some $$.

The team can offer better than our expires: p.s. these information are gathered from GSoM members, not from me.  It makes sense tho.

  • Cavs:  Cavs can pay cash to get Iggy, Wallace, Brand or Prince and the team can save money right away instead of waiting util next year.  However, the other team won't get any player(s) in return, such as our play-so-well-now-a-day Radman and great potential B Wright.
  • Rockets: maybe.  If they are willing to trade Yao for that special disable thingy to save money, but I don't think Rockets plans to trade Yao.
  • Kings (added. based on wallywagon11's infor): "Theoretically, if a team is $13 below the salary cap they don’t have to trade any contracts at all for Iggy because they can absorb the $13 million into their salary because they are below the cap."

So let's say, worst case that Cavs and Rockets beat our offer and they took Iggy and Wallace.  In this case, we can still get Brand.  Getting Brand is still very positive because we finally get a great big post-up player that we have been searching for.  Brand will be able to help and share minutes with Lee, Beans and Udoh.  We can do these PF/C combinations: Lee+Beans,  Brand+Beans, Brand+Lee, Udoh+Brand, etc.  This will help our bigs' offense game.

In best case, if we can get either Iggy or Wallace, we can finally NOT playing Monta and D Wright for 48 minutes.  Playing Monta, D Wright, Curry, and either Iggy or Wallace can allow them to play more efficiently in 30~35 minutes per game per player range.  FYI, Monta vs Kobe was a great showdown.  Kobe gets to rest for long time and able to "kick in" in the 4th.  See what Monta was able to help us in Clippers game.  Monta was in foul trouble, rest well, and as soon as he comes back-in during the 4th Q in a tie game, he scores 5 pts right away and helped us to win the game.

Plus, after we get a solid player this season, we still have around $5mil in next year's offseason to get another good player.  With this new rosters, we will be able to attract another good player who will be in free agent next year to come to join us.  That another player can be Anthony Parker (cool!), Prince(might be hard), JRich (great!), JR Smith, Martin, Kirilenko, Battier, Foster, Gasol (hard), Perkins (hard), Chandler (hard), Zack (hard), Azubuike... 

WIth all the possible trade talk, the most important thing is that Warriors front office has to be aggressive.  We can't just think other teams have better chance to get these players and we just gave up.  Sitting and waiting won't make things happen.  Mr. Riley, Please make it happen.  Let's improve our team.  We don't want to wait another year!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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