Are we still in of the Melo sweepstakes

Early on when Carmelo was discussing  his destination of preference as to where he would like to be  traded  , Carmelo mentioned the Golden State Warriors. Since then Ive watched New York and New Jersey  take the lead in the  so called Carmelo sweepstakes Or as ESPn is calling it  " the indecision" (of course referencing to the whole Lebron Saga over the summer) . New jersey at the moment is the favorite to land carmelo according to countless reports from and  But i Believe  that Carmelo still has great reservations about being shipped over to the Jersey shore . New York is Carmelos top choise but the knicks have very few bargaining chips to work with Denver to land the all-star ( Hows that cap clearing Method working out for you Donnie). Would it just be crazy for me to think that the warriors who are the preferred Team over the Nets and who in my opinion have the assets  to get a deal done with the nuggets, can still pull out this so called "Forgone conclusion". As a warriors fan ive watched as our organization has been in  supposed done deals only to see them not go throw ,most recently Joe lacob buying the warriors away from ellison at the 11th hour , Amar c coming over to the warriors on draft night only for the deal to fall out. My point is nothing is done till its done. Of course we would have to give up players that ive loved watching but that is the nature of the business .

My proposal is this Three Team Trade involving Warriors, Nuggets and 76ers

Monta ellis , D. Wright to Denver 

A. Biedrins B. wright to 76ers

Carmelo Anthony , Elton Brandon to Warriors












Why i think the teams go for it Denver gets i elite player and a very good role player while saving money  

Why 76ers go for this trade Known fact that they are trying to clean their hands of Elton's contract  they get a decent Center with a more flexible contract and a promising young player who if they choose not to keep has expiring contract 

warriors get A all-star potential franchise changer player and a center who when motivated is a great player as well.

Nothing against Monta but with curry still being on the rookie salary and the money we would take in he of the the two  duo was the only player to make the money work on this deal. Honestly though i feel like both stephen and monta want to get away from the questions that  everyone is asking if they can play together  especial Steph i can see it on his face ,Monta is having a great year but he is taking the role of point guard, the postion that Steph was supposed to have.

Trade works on the Espn machine and says warriors increase win total by 8 games Denver has  no change and 76ers lose 8 although its more of a money saving move for them.

When else are we gna get a chance to get a player like this. Clippers are getting better suns are down so are the blazers lets make something happen

starting 5 for warriors 

Elton,D.lee, Carmelo,Curry, Reggie Williams 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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