Would you make this trade for JaVale McGee?

With all the talk about Biedrins there are a lot of people who want to replace him.  The problem is, who is better or might be better than he is even with his problems.  7 foot centers with talent aren't easy to find and even harder to take out of the hands of another team.   I don't know if we could get McGee from Washington but here's why i think he's a good fit for our team and what it would take at a minimum to make the call.

McGee is a developing young talent.  He was selected to try out for Team USA this summer after a strong showing during the summer league and has continued to improve.  He's having a great year and shows signs of elite potential. 

His per 36min production this year: 12pts, 10.7 rebs & 3.5 blks.  TS%: .574, WS: 2.7

If you haven't seen him play recently you should check him out before you dismiss him as an upgrade to Biedrins.  He has great length, has put on some muscle since being drafted and is very athletic for a 7-footer.  He’s also able get up and down the court quickly.  Oh and he'll be in the dunk contest at this years.

I read an article earlier this season that basically pointed out that Curry + Ellis was a poor defensive combination BUT so is Lee + Biedrins.  At least one combination needs to change.  Personally, i think our guards are our strength so i'm more focused on the front court tandem.  I really like what Lee has done this year.  His BB IQ is very high and i think he fits into Smarts "flex offense" very well with his ability to shoot and pass.  By process of elimination, Biedrins gets the trade focus.  And, if we are going to trade him, it would be nice to add some atheleticism to our front court tandem. 

Now, why would Washington send us McGee + the salaries don't match?

I'm not sure that they would but we might get their attention if we would be willing to take on Rashard Lewis and his MONSTER contract which is about 22 MILLION/ year!  Are they listening now?  I think they have to.

For us, Lewis would add length (6'10") and be the solid back up SF that we need (although Radman is playing well at the moment his contract will expire at the end of this year).  We could also play him occasionally as a shooting PF with Lee as our center like D'Antoni does in NY with Gallanari or Nellie did with Harrington.  His $22 mill/ year is a lot of money but it (1) expires the same summer McGee will be due for new contract and (2) a year before we have to pay Curry on a new contract. 

For Washington we know they are rebuilding and will want young talent, cap relief and draft picks.  We have multiple 2nd round draft picks and expiring contracts.  Biedrins and B.Wright are still young and Biedrins is on a reasonable salary for a starting center.  So he shouldn't be that hard to trade if he doesn't work out in Washington.  This would also put Washington about 17 million dollars under the cap this summer and that's enough money to go after the best available FA (Marc Gasol, etc.).

Let's hear it, would you trade Biedrins, Radmanovic & B.Wright for JaVale McGee & Rashard Lewis if Washington agreed? 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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