Email #2....You can help (Everyone Please Read and Chip In)

UPDATE 4: Just emailed final draft to Lacob and PR team. Wating to hear their response. Will post final letter on GSOM when I hear back.


UPDATE 3: I just got off the phone with Raymond Ridder, the Warriors head of PR. He's helping me to try and get in contact with the following people (no promises on all of them though):

Tony Kornheiser
Stuart Scott
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson (The TNT crew)
Tony Reali
    - Around the Horn Panelists:
        -Jay Mariotti (Chicago Sun-Times)
        -J.A. Adonde (ESPN)
        -Bill Plaschke (L.A. Times)
        -Kevin Blackstone (
        -Tim Colishaw (The Dallas Morning News)
        -Woody Paige (The Denver Post)
        -Bob Ryan (The Boston Globe)
    -Henry Abbott (He covered the last email)
Matt Steinmetz
Mike Golic + Mike Greenberg (The Mike and Mike in the Morning guys)
    -Damon Bruce
    -Colin Cowherd
Bob Fitzgerald
Jim Barnett
John Huey (Sports Illustrated Editor)
Rusty Simmons (Chronicle Beat Writer)

This would be you're time to add anything that you would think could help Monta. This entire process will be done by tomorrow, so PLEASE COMMENT. This is not only an effort for everyone to help out Monta (seriously, it is), but this will bring THE POSITIVE ATTENTION TO THE BAY THAT IS ALWAYS ABSENT.




UPDATE 2: I have a phone call tomorrow with Raymond Riddler, the Warriors chief PR guy. I'll keep everyone posted.

UPDATE: Joe Lacob emailed me back, I kid you not, IN UNDER FIVE MINUTES. We'll see where this goes :)


I've added a PPS at the very bottom. This is also something that needs to be addressed and everyone should read.


Hey GSOMer's,

I'm currently in the process of drafting a second email to get some publicity for our Dubs. The last one was so well received publicly that I figure that if used properly, these emails could actually help the team. This one, though, is not only to Lacob and Guber + Co. This email is going out to as many media outlets as possible (aka EspnNews, Sportscenter, PTI, hopefully the NBA Network etc.). Read after the Jump for why.....

This email is primarily to see if we can get some positive publicity on how Monta should be on this year's All-Star roster. I think by now he has proven he is an elite player and recognized as so across the NBA (I said this in my last email to Lacob which is not on posted on GSOM - "Let's put it this way - Kobe rarely gives out endorsements to others").  


I understand that the primary focus of the team is too win, but seriously, its about time that we have a player (who is deservedly so) recognized and talked about across the country and at least on Sportscenter. Monta is still relatively unknown behind players who have established themselves across the league, but time after time now, he has proven to be the best on the court, and lets face it, I believe that the Warriors would be worse, much worse, if his talents and leadership were somewhere else. Lastly, it is about time that the Warriors have an All-Star.... that Baron snub back in the day was beyond stupid.


I can't do this alone. Yes, I consider myself a diehard Warriors fan to the max, but I don't know everything about basketball like some of you do. ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN POST HERE THAT CAN BE RECOGNIZED AS A POSITIVE ARGUMENT FOR MONTA'S INCLUSION ON THE ROSTER WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL. STATS, CHARACTER, WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU HAVE TO SAY POST IT.


I've emailed Lacob explaining that in this email, it will not only be my voice, but it will read loud and clear the voice of  the Warriors community. 

I will  definitely use some of the things you all post here in my final draft of the email. Thank you so much for reading and helping out.


Lets get a movement for Monta going. I'm tired of the Warriors being ignored. He deserves to be an All-Star just as much as anyone....


So let's make it happen. We could very well have our first All-Star in years.



Much love to all the Warrior fans,



PS. Voting for Monta would be good too.


PPS. There's something that needs to be addressed about the emailing back and forth with Lacob. I consider myself very lucky that I even have the chance for the organization to even pay any attention to any of this. Emailing Lacob is not like emailing a sports analyst or talkshow host. We all must understand and recognize that he owns the Warriors, and as much fun as it is to try and speculate and throw in our two cents about how the Warriors can become better, Lacob and the front office has NO interest in trade ideas or transactions. The emails I've been receiving from devoted fans are all good ideas within their own, but everyone must understand they have a front office and scouting to handle the future of this team, and lets face it, it's safe to say that they know a lot more about where to take this team than we do. I understand this, and I believe most of you do as well, but I'll say it just to on the same page as everyone: Emailing trade ideas with Lacob won't ever happen through me. I only attempt to get things moving so I can help my favorite team, not so I can suggest how to do someone else's job. I mean that in the best way possible and I hope you all understand.


Best Wishes and Go Warriors,


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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