Game Thread #42: Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings - The Battle Against Wacktown

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Sacramento Kings (9-31) at Golden State Warriors (18-23)

TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 680
Tipoff: 7:30PM PST
Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty favorite Warrior games are always against the Kings.  Remember the last game? VladRad hit that money 3 pointer at the end of the game sending it to OT where we doooommiiinnnaaaatteeeeeddddddd!

Better yet - remember that epic game a few years ago when they took it to three OTs? We lost by two points, 133 to 135, but it was TRULY UNSTOPPABLE BABY!

Let's be real - these two teams won't be meeting up in the Western Conference Finals anytime soon, but truth be told, these are the most entertaining games. 

So let's play a game called...Who would you rather have?

Who would you rather have at PG?

Beno Udrih or Stephen Curry?  

This really isn't a question and I think even Wacktown fans will agree - Stephen Curry all the way.  I'll give some props over to Udrih though - he's been playing significantly better than usual with his 20.3 points per game...but come on...

This isn't even me being my homer Warriors fan...

Who would you rather have at SG?

Tyreke Evans or Monta Ellis?  

Now this is a good one.  Former Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans or former Most Improved Player and Potential All-Star (if he doesn't get snubbed) Monta Ellis?

The homer in me WANTS to say Monta, but I don't know if I can.  Tyreke it is.

Forget that 20-5-5 stat or whatever it was from last year cause that's a buncha hoopla in my opinion.  I'm basing this off of injuries.

Sure, Monta is playing out of his mind now, but the minutes are going to catch up to him real soon.  Remember Moped Gate?  That ankle injury will come back with all this PT.

If the Kings put the offer on the table (which they won't) - I'd say pull it.

A backcourt of Curry + Evans wouldn't be any worse than Curry + Ellis.

Who would you rather have at SF?

Francisco Garcia or Dorell Wright?

Again, not really a question here. D-Wright might be up for Most Improved Player after being let go from the chains of the Miami Heat (Who wants to play there anyway?) 

Francisco Garcia?  Not so much.

Who would you rather have at PF?

Jason Thompson or David Lee?

Jason Thompson, no question.  I bet his kryptonite ain't vampires names Wilson Chandler.

This is the part where jae chimes in about Jason Thompson and his "talents."

Since I don't get yelled at later, which someone will do, that's a joke.  

Who would you rather have at C?

DeMarcus Cousins or Andris Biedrins?

Let's just ask this - who's a starting Center in the league that I would NOT want over Andris Biedrins?

- Darko Milicic of the Minnesota Timberwolves

- Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons

That's it.  I'm tired of this "Andris used to be a double-double machine" and "Andris needs to just get involved early" stuff. How about "Andris needs to have a better free throw percentage than I have?"  27%? 

27%?!??! Are you freaking kidding me?

Look, ask anyone that has ever seen me play basketball - I have a worse shot than Shawn Marion.  But I can still make free throws!  What kind of NBA Player can't make AT LEAST 50%?

Put me instead of Andris.  I might suck, but I'd at least go in and make some friggin' free throws.



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