UPDATE 4: Just emailed final draft to Lacob and PR team. Wating to hear their response. Will post final letter on GSOM when I hear back.


I may be overstepping my GSOM bounderies, but this is extremely important. I figured if this wasn't seen in a new fanpost, no one would notice it on my previous one:


UPDATE 3: I just got off the phone with Raymond Ridder, the Warriors head of PR. He's helping me to try and get in contact with the following people (no promises on all of them though):

Tony Kornheiser
Stuart Scott
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson (The TNT crew)
Tony Reali
    - Around the Horn Panelists:
        -Jay Mariotti (Chicago Sun-Times)
        -J.A. Adonde (ESPN)
        -Bill Plaschke (L.A. Times)
        -Kevin Blackstone (
        -Tim Colishaw (The Dallas Morning News)
        -Woody Paige (The Denver Post)
        -Bob Ryan (The Boston Globe)
    -Henry Abbott (He covered the last email)
Matt Steinmetz
Mike Golic + Mike Greenberg (The Mike and Mike in the Morning guys)
    -Damon Bruce
    -Colin Cowherd
Bob Fitzgerald
Jim Barnett

John Huey (Sports Illustrated Editor)

Rusty Simmons (Chronicle Beat Writer)

Kieth Smart


This would be you're time to add anything that you would think could help Monta. This entire process will be done by tomorrow, so PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO HELP.  I will be using direct quotes from you guys. This is not only an effort for everyone to help out Monta (seriously, it is), but this will bring THE POSITIVE ATTENTION TO THE BAY THAT IS ALWAYS ABSENT.


Just to be clear, I have the verbal okay from both Lacob and Warriors PR to go ahead with this...... This is for real.


I just want to quote GSOMer Bleezy for a second here:

1. It makes the new ownership look good in the eyes on the national media, and more importantly to free agents. Showing that the fans are excited about the players, and that they are working with the new ownership to support the team, can only bring positive effects to our clubs value.

2. If Monta is an All-star, as previously stated, his value goes up. Not just for trades, but again in the clubs value in the eyes of free agents. While building through the draft is nice, and cost effective, I think Miami has shown the power of free agency. In the emerging NBA trend of super teams we need to start working towards being a better destination.

3. Players play much better when they know they have the support of the fans. We have all witnessed this live and on television when the crowd becomes a factor in the game. This is one great opportunity to showcase our support for our team, hopefully on national television. We are fans. It is our job as fans to show our support for the team especially when they, particularly Monta, have been playing much better as of late.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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