6 of 1...half a dozen of the other! Blither...dribble and ramblings!

I can understand the point the OP in the players thread was trying to make, even if not delivered with quite the style that many would have preferred...however....there are some serious questions that have to be asked of both sides!

There is talk about what a company 'should' or 'is' currently paying its staff by means of comparison to the current NBA franchises, as a percentage of its total income. I would ask.....according to who?? If Basketball is to be compared to a ‘service’ industry, then why is it that so many service industries are now being based where labour is cheaper? While it’s true that many business owners are ‘chasing the dragon of profit’, it also cannot be ignored that many workers of various industries have become expectant of privilege and status, irrespective of what is going on in the world around them.

But why is this core issue and lock-out so important currently???

Some views and observations that you may well think are worth spit below...( statistical analysis was used nor animals harmed in the production of this piece) ;)

Because we are in the midst of one of the most diabolical man-made economic 'pig-procreations' of all time.  
When the average citizen is being expected to trim back their lifestyle and help to pay more for the utter economic incompetence that has been financial and political government for many Western nations...then the players AND the owners of NBA franchises need to wake up and smell the coffee of the dire situation we face today...but what is the root cause of this and how does it affect the NBA? who knows...but here are my personal observations/opinions/two penneth worth!

Global financial market greed and corruption, a culture that has become accepted over decades is the primary under-pinning of western culture.... The 'Lehman Brothers', the 'Morgan stanley's', the 'Maddoff's' ,  the Mozillo’s, The Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Goldman Sachs, the Greenspans of this world....a particular breed of individual that created a culture mainly emanating from New York but proliferated and copied throughout the world from the 1970’s onwards, the 'Gheko culture' if you will, where in fact Greed was indeed deemed as good...and in fact, if you were crooked enough to be ahead of the system, you were seen as some form of financial genius......

The entire financial market system is one giant 'ponzi' scheme, unfortunately started by the Bank of England in 1694 when ‘paper money’ was deemed of equal value to gold and silver (While Hollywood executives continue to try and brain wash the world that the Brits are the route cause of all global is in fact pretty hard to excuse this one....)... The substitution of paper ‘money’ for gold and the charging of interest on such ‘money’ is the secret of the banker’s wealth. It is also the secret of capitalism as it is the process whereby bankers indebt others (businesses, consumers, governments, etc.) through the loaning of paper ‘money’ created by central banks resulting in paper IOUs.  These IOUs are then resold as 'investments' to ‘savers’, i.e. those who wish to protect the value of their paper money from eroding because of the constant inflation of the paper money supply by bankers. How such a system has lasted for over three hundred years is quite extraordinary, but it has done so, through the control and shop stewardship of the aforementioned financial community, with it's primary hub on Wall Street.

There is even strong evidence now that certain groups actually artificially started the downturn, so that their institutions could go 'short', to make a killing and be damned with the potential long term consequences. In my personal opinion... this amounts to moral fraud and the intention to profiteer to the detriment of the majority, which punishable with jail time at the very least I genuinely believe that our forefathers who fought and gave their lives for a free western world...would be utterly disgusted at what they 'saved' if many were alive today.

MANY of these financial institution guys, now all own US sport franchises... and so their ethics and business practices are now employed in running their sports businesses... I therefore have little sympathy for either franchise owners, NBA executives or even their over-paid pawns...

2: The public sector.... The public sector in the western world has grown so incredibly powerful, that many unions and representation organisations feel they are 'owed' this amount of salary...or 'owed' this size of pension..... While I fully agree that the resultant actions of the financial sector is a disgusting slap in the face for most people, many people themselves have been sitting in a very 'cushy' position with over-inflated salaries for the job they actually do and now that times are hard...the spotlight is being shone on ALL jobs and positions, in order to see where things can be cut back in order to help save the business that will ensure the long term future of many of those jobs......

Granted... there are still rogue organisations that are in fact making considerable profits while making cutbacks and those organisations should in fact be hauled before some form of regulatory body to justify their actions and then punished with enormous taxation if found to be guilty of profiteering.... but that's not very 'Capitalist' or one might even say 'American'.... where free trade and profit are highly encouraged....

So where does that put us with regards the lock-out?

The issue for the players that has to be recognised by the players unions (of all US and global sports), is the simple fact that the majority of average citizens are facing extremely crippling financial burdens currently and it simply is not morally acceptable to be arguing over billions of dollars that in the reality and grand scheme of things, will not affect the lifestyle of many of the players at all....

The salaries of professional athletes in certain sports have spiralled enormously out of control....but in the same breath, the revenue generated by owners through extortionate pricing, is also a disgrace...

Therefore one cannot be changed without the other... I have no love for these owners that especially in the current climate, are screwing hard working people out of their VERY hard earned cash... simply to line their pockets and that of their sports stars.... Yes people could choose NOT to attend the games, but when times are tough, that period of time watching your favourite sport, offers most people a chance to forget their daily financial burdens for a few hours. The issue I have is that this should not in fact increase these financial burdens, but instead, be fair and proportionate for the activity at hand! It is difficult to argue that currently...a $5 beer (probably x2), a $40 ticket, a $10 parking ticket, an $8 Hot Dog or a $6 bag of peanuts... is good value?? Whereas a $3 beer, a $20 ticket, Free parking, $4 Hot Dog and $3 bag of peanuts is in fact a much BETTER value proposition. But if stadiums and franchises were charging this kind of money...then it simply would not be able to pay the enormous salary requests of the players.

In global football, salaries are disgusting for what many consider to be uneducated 'thugs'...and believe you me.... when it comes to football in the premier league in the UK, the OP in the blame the players thread would be correct in calling many 'Thugs'... having met many of them, if they were not in football, many would have a criminal record without doubt....why? Because their very mind-set is one of easy cash and lifestyle... and if that's not through sport, then it certainly would not be through hard graft....

Many argue that basketball simply would not be the same, if it were not for its ‘superstars’....

Now, for me personally... I never actually cared if was Wade, James, Bryant or Howard on the court.... what I wanted to see was a good game of basketball with two equal teams that play the game with passion and energy at a frantic pace.... it was the crowd that often makes the atmosphere of a game...not the players! Ultimately.... I want to see my team win, but if the standard of players was more uniform across all teams...then I think we would have a fabulous model for success and entertainment...i.e. a franchise is only able to have ‘One’ deemed ‘superstar..with a salary above ‘X’. It may then have two players with a salary above ‘Y’ and the rest on a set scale thereafter... I would hope this would put an end to the ‘dreamteams’ and enable every franchise the opportunity to have an Ace player... the money saved would then HAVE to be used to keep pricing for fans set, not only for tickets, but also amenities, as opposed to lining the owners pockets excessively. I do not mind the owners making a profit...but again it should be measured and scaled accordingly.

The We Believe run was a very special time in the Bay Area that I was fortunate enough to be a part of... the very fact that a team of ‘non-stars’, was causing upsets and playing with such spirit that the crowd truly got into the games like no other basketball game I have been to. THAT was partially the players doing what they were paid to do, which is win....and 80% of that incredible support that the public gave in taking the roof off the arena every night!

The problem is, professional sports has now become so used to stratospheric salaries, accepted by every fan, that it will be extremely hard to change that mind-set of the players that if they reach a certain standard, they are ‘entitled’ to a certain salary level...

I also disagree, that if the owners decided to scrap all contracts and then invite players from the D-league or even the current NBA players, the opportunity to play, that tickets would not be sold....

In fact....I would highly encourage every franchise owner, to scrap this year’s league and replace it with a shortened ‘Celebration of Basketball League’ where every ticket in the building of every Arena, will be charged at $10 per seat..... $50 for courtside... and $40 per person for a box.... and allow franchises to sign ANY player from any league anywhere, for a maximum salary of $100,000 USD for the year....

I guarantee you.... there would be complainers, there would be moaners....but there would also be basketball....and people would in fact go to watch the Golden State Warriors.....why?... because it’s the Golden State Warriors.... its ‘their’ team.... granted you may not see any ‘STARS’...but I guarantee that you would have enough decent quality players, that play their hearts out...for that second chance, or the opportunity to win a very unique title. It may not the ‘pinnacle’...but it would show the owners and highlight to the players union, what the true point of this sport is....and that is to entertain the hard working and paying fan.... and complaining about a 10% or even 20% pay cut and the right for teams to cancel your contract should you fail to perform your duties....truly needs to be brought into perspective, but not without franchise owners taking a long hard look at themselves in the mirror either.....



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