The First Season: Game 12

December 10, 1946

Finally finishing their tour of BAA opponents, the Warriors met the Toronto Huskies for the first time in a contest at the Maple Leaf Gardens. The Huskies had won each of their previous two games, but at 5-10, they still fell well short of early contention in the Eastern Division, with only the hapless Celtics keeping them out of the cellar. The Huskies were a doomed team from the start, it seems. They started the year with player-coach Ed Sadowski running the show, but team chemistry was abysmal and Sadowski quit after a 3-9 start. Meanwhile, the team was trading disgruntled players away as quickly as they could. General manager Lew Hayman took the reins in a loss to Providence, before another player, Bob Fitzgerald (some sources say it was actually his brother, Dick), took over coaching duties and led the team to two wins coming into the Warrior game. No matter how you sliced it, the Huskies were in trouble. The only bright spot was the play of guard Mike McCarron.

The Warriors, meanwhile, were trying to find some momentum as they hovered around the .500 mark. Coming off an uninspiring loss to the Cleveland Rebels, an opponent in disarray was probably just what the doctor ordered. At 6-5, they were in danger of losing touch with the red-hot Knicks and Capitols atop the division.

With roughly 3,000 on hand to watch, the Warriors took it to the Huskies from the get-go. Toronto stayed relatively close, early on, but a second quarter surge by Philadelphia resulted in a commanding 43-31 lead, with Joe Fulks, as usual, leading the way. The Huskies showed some heart in the second half, twice putting together mini-runs that threatened to make the game a contest once again, but the Warriors held fast each time and cruised to an 85-73 win.

The 85 points marked a season high for Philadelphia, with 29 points from Fulks leading the way. McCarron led the Huskies with 24. The Warriors, now 7-5, still held third place in the division, four games behind the Knicks. The Huskies dropped to 5-11, now eight games behind. This would be Bob (or Dick) Fitzgerald's final game in charge. Afterward, Toronto would announce the hiring of former Yankee third baseman and Yale basketball mentor, Red Rolfe, to coach the squad.


December 10, 1946
Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, Ontario
Attendance 3,000

Warriors 85, Huskies 73

Philadelphia scoring

Joe Fulks 29p
Art Hillhouse 19p
Howie Dallmar 16p
Angelo Musi 9p
Jerry Fleishman 4p
Matt Guokas 3p
Pete Rosenberg 2p
Jerry Rullo 2p
George Senesky 1p
John Murphy

Toronto scoring

Mike McCarron 24p
Dutch Hoefer 14p
Frank Fucarino 12p
Dick Fitzgerald 8p
Kleggie Hermsen 7p
Harry Miller 4p
Bob Fitzgerald 2p
Roy Hurley 2p
Ray Wertis

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