Looking 4 years into the future.... other thoughts that go along with it

What is going to happen to the dubs in 4 years from now when Mark Jackson's contract is up?? I think this dubs team is going to thrive under Mark Jackson and make the playoffs this year, and every year for the duration of his contract. I think the previous fanpost by FloorBurn was about as dead on as my GSOM is right now. But...... What happens 4 years from now when the Knicks come a knockin. Any fellow A's fans out there will know how this story goes, and its almost picture perfect with Mack Jackson the NY hometown hero coming home to save the franchise when the Carmello/Amare experience just isn't enough. Ya thats right the Knicks will swoop him up so fast, and I wouldn't blame Mark for leaving there would be so much opportunity for him to help the community I don't think he could resist. I think the dubs have a 4 year window to maximize this squad, and I think that Joe Lacob knows it. I guess thats what I would be thinking if I was Lacob, I mean, if you look at it like that the DeAndre attempt makes sense. Of course Lacob was smart enough to know that Chris Paul would eventually end up on the Clippers who pretty much obviously had the best package and willingness to get Paul and stealing DeAndre would not have just been a good offensive move to add him, but a defensive move to keep him away from CP, and Griff our division rivals. Joe Lacob is marking out for bigs because he sees this opportunity that he has with Mark Jackson and knows it has an expiration date. So along with that here is my hope..... If Mark Jackson gets these guys to over acheive their trade value is going to skyrocket, and makes us also a desirable location to play for because we are playing well and have an owner thats laying it all on the line could we possibly get Dwight?? I mean if Ekpe Udoh, and Beidrins are playing well, and Klay Thompson is puttin in some good scoring off the bench Charles Jenkins is outplaying the other backup PG's, I could see a Biedrins/Udoh/Klay/Steph Curry being the package that could land the dubs Dwight. Anyone notice how Mark Jackson keeps talking about how its Jenkins team????(taken completely out of context, but still.....maybe a little forshadowing perhaps) This could all be just a little too much beer talking, but is that too far fetched to think???? I mean really, if the Magic could get Curry, Udoh, Klay, and Andris, they wouldn't consider that for an already half way out the door Dwight? Who has a better offer?? Actually the real question is where does Dwight wanna go??? It's quite apparent with the CP3 deal that Dwight has the upper hand in finding his new home because his true value is in whether he'll resign. So Dwight basically has to ok a trade or it isn't happening because his trade value is 5x what it is now with a verbal commitent to resign/pick up player option...(See Clippers/CP3) Dwight did say he wants to play with Monta right? Dwight would love to play for Mark Jackson, a former player who Dwight admires and respects right? An owner who has shown the willingness to do what it takes to make his team better, and compete for Championships. Yes Championships.....right???? I have faith the Lacob will make a play when there is a play to be made, and I think thats what the Dubs will be able to offer and that is what will give us the best chance to win a championship the soonest. Hello Monta Ellis, David Lee, Dorell Wright, coach Jackson, Joe Lacob. Even if we could just get him to agree to his player option for the second year wouldn't we have to do it??







I mean the Magic pretty much suck without Dwight and need to fill a ton of holes and this I believe could be sufficent enough to make it happen.






Now were talkin..... Not that this would be a championship team this year necessarily, but I could see some unrestricted free agents wanting to sign here for the vet minimum this summer. Jamison maybe? Barnes? Oh how the fans would love it!!! AH hell maybe J-Kidd could wanna come back home for a back-up role and eventual job in the organization at the mini-midlevel.




Lee, Jamison


Elaborating on the Charles Jenkins thing... He's big, he's getting rave reviews on his D so far, he's shown in college to be a consistent scorer/leader of his team. He's got the same story as Mark Jackson as far as rough NY upbringing. He's mature, two months away from being 23, its the perfect setup really.

Am I crazy for thinking this is somewhat realistic?

Am I crazy for taking over an hour to go on a semi-faded rant about where my GSOM is at?

Would you guys be for or against this scenario?

Is this a championship team?

What a better rebuiling package a team could offer to dwight that is better than that?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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