CBA Agreement is a Joke. So is the NBA.

First off, please don't try and criticize my writing skills. I already know they are awesome and I do not need people trying to tell me otherwise :) I do appreciate other opinions and points of view however. I am a casual fan who loves the Warriors, goes to a few games here and there and just speaking what is on my mind. I am not going to proof read this just like the CBA agreement apparently wasn't proof read either. Well I am sure it was but the goals of the CBA compared to the goals of the fans are way off. Last I checked the fans should matter the most since we pay for everything. The CBA agreement is a joke. How did that benefit anyone other than the owners and how did it benefit the owners of smaller markets?

The only thing interesting that came out of it was the amnesty clause which is only valid for 2 years. In a way I like the amnesty clause because it gets rid of players making too much money but I also do not like it for 2 reasons. 1) Teams should not have paid that much for the player getting amnestied in the first place but whatever it is understandable that all teams make mistakes or players get hurt etc. 2) It rewards players for not being worth their money. It is like saying "Hey you suck and you get paid boat loads of money so let me just pay you the boat loads of money up front and you do not have to do any of the work". How is this any different than a "golden parachute." It is the same sort of thing that happened to the old HP CEO. Getting paid millions of dollars to leave because of poor performance. Awful. The 99% movement should be protesting the amnesty clause. Not that I am against it because the Warriors need it even though it probably will not help them in the big scheme of things because all teams have it so it evens out the field to where it was. Warriors might get better using that money in different ways but so will the other teams. That being said it is good for teams trying to restructure and we need to use it on Biedrins or find some other way to get rid of that contract.

Charlie Bell getting hit with drunk driving then showing up to court with alcohol in his system? Find a way to get rid of him also. I am confident that the Warriors are looking at ways to do these things but will it help? Which brings me to my next point that Warrior fans have lived with for so long: The curse of mediocrity.

The CBA deal did nothing to help the smaller markets or the mediocre teams. Doesn't anyone get tired of watching the same teams year in year out make the playoffs? Oh look it is the Lakers and Celtics again for the 100th time....puke. I bet I could predict the playoffs structure this year before the season starts, Lakers, Celtics, Orlando, Miami, Knicks, Bulls and whoever else. Sure there might be a few changes here and there to the playoffs but these teams are the only real contenders. (I am sure I left some other good big name out but who cares). That is why when a team that barely ever makes it deep in the playoffs get there I must root for them because it does not happen often and I feel sorry for them, just like the Warriors.

Here are the crappy days of players not being loyal to their city, following the money, and scheming to play with their friends just like in middle school. Not that I blame them but the CBA agreement did nothing for it. After watching these trades formulate recently I am just reminded about how the smaller markets and mediocre teams cannot compete in the league. Sure this is somewhat true in most sports (especially baseball) where teams with higher pay rolls have all the fun but I think the NBA should be evened out (and the other sports too for that matter). Show the other parts of the country some love and create bigger markets. Give the people of crappy cities something to grasp onto and build their city upon. Look what turning around the New Orleans Saints did for their city. Lets do that with other cities and with the NBA, but they need help. How will the Warriors ever get good enough to win it all if we are too mediocre to attract big names, have a smaller payroll, and do not get extra money from TV deals like the Lakers? Oh yes it is called the draft lottery. I don't know about you but I play the CA lottery all the time and never win anything. I guess there is that one lucky chance that we might land a Blake Griffin one day through it.

Warriors have the best fans, we all know that. The fans that sell out the stadium year in and year out with a mediocre team year in year out are amazing. Unfortunately that does squat for attracting talent around the league. Players who are already here love it but for the ones we try to attract, *cough* Chandler *cough*, it makes no difference to them. Players will play wherever they want which is fine but the CBA did nothing to help other teams.

Did the NBA really veto the Chris Paul trade simply because they own the Hornets and they do not want to fall into the blackhole of mediocrity owned by money teams? Wow. Why didn't they build something like that into the CBA so all teams could be on this level instead of the special powers granted to the Hornets due to their ownership?

So this is my rant. Feels good to get it off my chest. The CBA and NBA are a joke in regards to competitive play. Everyone in the league can score points, to compete it hinges upon having a big man who is good. Without that you have nothing. We have not had that in how long? And apparently it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. Oh yeah and stop hating on Monta, last I checked he is the only one on the team consistently scoring 30-50 points per game. Is it really worth trading him unless we have a blockbuster big man coming to our team for him? These "pretty good" defenders just wont cut it. I would rather have Monta on the team then a "pretty good" defender because in the end it will not win us championships. At least it is awesome watching Monta score points while the team is in mediocre land. Heck that is one of the reasons why I watch pretty much every game. CP3 for Monta? Whats the point? Monta is a beast just like CP3. Is CP3 a better defender? Don't answer that because it does not matter due to all the points above with stars not going to smaller markets/mediocre teams.

One day things will change and the Warriors will rise up again but unfortunately it doesn't look like it will happen until we win the lottery, haha, or perhaps people will want to play here when a new Stadium is built in SF. That looks to be our only hope. Until then, I will continue to watch every game and love it but hate it at the same time. The CBA and NBA are a joke *cries*.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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