Trading Partner Indiana Pacers: Darren Collison and Paul George

Many believe the Warriors should sell high now and trade Monta. I could go either way, but trading Monta could make the team significantly better, as I believe he's one of the more overvalued players in the league(not saying he's not good), and that's a recipe for improvement in the trade market.

Out of all the teams in the NBA I'd like to see the Warriors do business with, my pick would be Indiana.

I'm interested in these players.

Danny Granger

Paul George

Darren Collison

Roy Hibbert

Dhantay Jones

A.J. Price

Tyler Hansbrough


Although the Warriors would likely trade for Danny Granger, I'd like to see them take another angle if they did business with Indiana. Out of all the potential deals you could mix up involving any of these players, my proposal would be this:


Indiana Pacers get:    Monta Ellis / A      Reggie Williams / C      Brandan Wright / C


Golden State gets:     Paul George / B        Darren Collison / B -     James Posey / D+       Solomon Jones / F


Why the Pacers make this trade:


Darren Collison - He's not living up to the expectations fans had for him at the beginning of this season. His numbers are down and although it's relatively early in the season, and definitely in his career, they are clearly down on him right now in Indiana. A.J. Price is a young point guard and has been playing solid basketball. He's a scoring point. T.J. Ford is on the last year of his contract and knows how to run a team. With these two point guards including Monta Ellis, Indiana would still be relatively strong at the position without Collison.


Paul George -  I don't know if Indiana is higher on Granger or George, but they will likely look to trade one of them sooner than later. I liked George coming into the draft, and he's one of the very few available players I would've liked to see the Warriors draft. With Darren Collison clearly not equal to the value of Monta right now, I think Ellis pulls in enough fans and media attention on a winning team in the east coast, who has enough depth not to gut itself to acquire him. Ellis is the "star" that Collison may have convinced Pacers' management that he is not, and George is unproven to be.

James Posey - His production would not be missed, and the Warriors eating the extra year on his 7+ million dollar contract would make the Pacers happy this off-season.


Ellis - Pairing a scorer/ball-handler with another scorer/shooter in Granger might intrigue Indiana to make this deal. Mike Dunleavy and T.J. Ford are coming off the books for nearly 20 million. Adding a "star" like Monta and putting him with another explosive scorer in Granger could spike attendance and give the Pacers the marketability they've been missing for years now. With players like Ford, Ellis, Price, Rush, Jones, Williams and Granger, the Pacers have the option of playing a wide variety of ways in positions 1-3.

Reggie Williams - He adds to the depth behind Granger that they'd lose in Paul George. Williams, Rush, and Dunleavy are all capable of playing the wing positions.

Brandan Wright - Although unproven, he's clearly talented. With more physical bigs like Tyler Hansborough, Mount Hibbert, and Foster, Brandan could fit well as a mobile, athletic forward they could develop off the bench. The protection at the rim and length between Granger, Wright, and Hibbert 3-5 would be effective on the defensive end.


Why the Warriors make this trade:


Darren Collison - He could be a sixth man playing 24-30 minutes a night. We can bring out a very big starting line-up with Curry at point and George at the 2, and then Smart can slide Curry over to the off-guard position for extended stretches with Darren at the one while either George or D. Wright rests.

Collison is a good defender, which would help negate Curry being outmatched on that end, and he allows you to have two excellent passing guards on the perimeter. Although there hasn't been much experimentation with Curry as a shooting guard, I think he would excel offensively. His quickness off the ball, handling, pure shooting, and quick release would give him a devastating edge in most cases. Curry can get his shot any time.


Paul George - Perhaps I'm overestimating him, but he could very well turn out to be a player like Rudy Gay. To have the young core of Curry, George and Dorell Wright, almost all of them interchangeable at their respected positions, with another young player like Darren playing to that strength off the bench, would be a strong punch. What an amazing young mix of talent that would be.


James Posey - Good role player at filler minutes who gives you an edge defensively on the perimeter. His contract next year would hurt at 7 mil, but he comes off the books the same year we'd be obligated to renew Curry's contract. Contractually, he fits well in the Warriors' future plans.















This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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