Can we build the team around two undersized guards?

Idea of building the team around two undersized guards is not that new.  It was done before.  And if it was not  why  not to do this first time.

So I think that the answer is yes.  Now this Yes is ‘yes in principle” There is so many conditions in order to implement this principle.  And this is not a theoretical question.  The season is on.  We need to solve this problem every other day.  So let’s discuss when it CANNOT be done.

1 Having two undersized guards creates a problem in half court defense.  So at least we should have better ball handling and passing.  If we have many turnovers it ruins the idea completely.  We do not get enough shots and get easy basket back in transition.  No reason to play two undersized guards whatsoever.  Let’s play Udoh on 2.  At least they cannot shoot over him.

2. Because guards are undersized people can shoot over them.  You can live with this as long as guards play physical no fouls defense.   But second chance shots should not be allowed.  If you cannot minimize number of second chance shots without having bigger guards forget this wonderful idea that we started with.

3. Some big and physical opponent guards will be driving to the hoop and your bigs should be ready to block shots and do it without fouls.

4. The two undersized guards should be pretty good shooters and scorers.  What the point of having two guards that do not have reliable shot?The whole offense system should be not traditional but rather “double pick system”, which allows guards to switch roles and to take advantage of this “double deadly shooter” scheme.

5. Because we have two exceptional guards their interaction with bigs is critical.  Both to be able to run “pick and roll” and bigs should be able to score inside to take pressure from guards and guards should provide better spacing for bigs.

6. And of course it should be “plan B” to switch to big lineup when it is necessary.

So I covered only few of the problems.  But the main goal of this conversation is to underline that the answer on the question about building the team around two undersized guards is kind off tricky.  Coach should know this and ask themselves: "Does it make sense to do this in this game and at this moment”. Guards should know that and think about it.  And if we do not have these components at any given game we should change the plan.

 And if we suddenly understand that that there is no chance to get these components in the future or we are loosing them -  we need to move on.

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