GameThread #49: Chicago Bulls @ Golden State Warriors - "Boom-Shaka-La-Ka!" NBA Jam Style

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Another 16-bit classic. Big head code unlocked!  [Photoshopped by Tony.psd]

Golden State Warriors (21-27) vs Chicago Bulls (34-14)

TV: CSN Bay Area / Radio: KNBR 680

Tip-Off: 7:30pm

Blog Buddy: Blog-a-Bull

When I was picking tickets at the beginning of the season for Warrior home games I wanted to attend, I'd pick teams like the Lakers, Mavericks, Nuggets, Portland, Phoenix and San Antonio. So far I've attended more home game losses than wins at home. (I should have picked up a Kings or Pacers game!) Of course a lot of these games have been close, but no cigar. 

I'm more inclined to pick top NBA teams because I want to see NBA Jam elements from our Warriors. I'd love to see guys like Stephen Curry "HEAT UP" and average double-doubles. I want to see Dorell Wright get "ON FIRE" at the 3 point line and I'd love to see Monta Ellis dunk over Carlos Boozer. I know we'd all jump out of our seats and scream "BOOM-SHAKA-LA-KA!" I treat every home game like NBA Jam in hopes of seeing those 3 elements. The Bulls are in town and they mean business. Yet for us Warriors faithful, we're in need of wins at the moment. A big win against this excellent, top seeded Chicago team sounds good right about now.

Jump off for a quick preview to tonight's game. It's the Warriors, YAdaDAMEan?!

We're heating up! (What we seriously need tonight)

  • A "Big Man" defensive showing from our mid-sized forwards. That's right, I just want to see blocks, swats, rebounds, boxing out (ahem, Lakers-Spurs game) and avoid drawing fouls. It's a lot to ask for but I've seen guys like Biedrins regain some of his magic lately. It's up to our bench to contribute more as well.
  • 3's from everyone that can shoot 3's. 
  • I'd like to see more Reggie Williams. He's a great scorer off the bench. Reggie- get open and score so you can get on fire like NBA Jam! 
  • Maybe it's just me but let's get Brandan Wright to contribute more off the bench. Brandan- man up, get on "beast mode" and cover guys like Boozer while our starters catch a break. 
  • A good performance from our starters + contribution from the bench = Team work for the win!

They're Heating up! (What we are up against)

  • Derrick Rose is in the house. We don't want to see him get on fire! How do we contain him?
  • Boozer is going to make our forwards work. We have to find a way around him to score inside.
  • The return of CJ Watson! It's his homecoming and he can score some points. Don't let him get anything over 10.
  • We get to see why Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is Eastern Coach of the month- unless we can beat him to the punchline and out hustle his team.


A Great Time Out at the Oracle Arena. The Warriors put on a show and win by 4! (fingers crossed, Chicago is off rhythm)

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