Trading Partners: New York Knicks or Cleveland Cavaliers

I'm going to list these in the order of most beneficial deal in our favor, to least.


New York Knicks


1st proposed package


New York gets: Monta Ellis, Lou Amundson, Jeremy Lin


Golden State gets: Landry Fields, Danilo Gallinari, Eddy Curry


Why New York does this deal:


Monta Ellis - Monta and Amare Stoudemire would make excellent teammates. He's a big time player who belongs in a big time market. Although Monta is a bad teammate to a perimeter scorer, he's a great teammate to a dominant, athletic big. As Ellis gets to the paint whenever he wants, Stoudemire resides there, and remains a scoring threat even when Monta is handling the ball a lot. Amare can do what nobody else on the Warriors' roster can, and it would be futile for defenses to even try to react to the Ellis drive, while worrying about STAT stepping in, being maybe the best finisher in the league at his position.

Amare Stoudemire does not need a point guard. He's the kind of big who creates his own offense, and prefers it that way. When a play is designed to set up a big on the block, or even isolate him, a playmaking point guard becomes less of a priority. Amare doesn't need an angle to take advantage of opponents. He outmatches most anybody he sees.

All in all, I believe that Amare Stoudemire is possibly the best teammate in the league for Monta's particular style. Although the addition of Anthony might crowd the offense, it makes me cringe when I think about what that Big 3 would be capable of doing to even the best team. Monta has the dump off or the kick out with STAT and Melo. Amare has two mid-range shooters to pass out of the double team, plus can play off their scoring efforts in the paint. Melo can defer to either Ellis or Stoudemire as a primary ball handler.

Mike D'Antoni knows who Monta Ellis is. He's watched Monta single-handedly destroy his teams in Phoenix. Given the style Coach D plays, I could imagine his excitement of the idea of adding Ellis to his roster.


Jeremy Lin - He's a sweetens things a bit. Everybody knows about the Asian population in New York. There's a huge, huge market that Jeremy could appeal to over there.


Lou Amundson - Undersized for replacing what they'd lose in Eddy Curry, but a very good replacement for the oft injured Ronny Turiaf. Amundson would be a good teammate for STAT. He never needs the ball to be effective, plays great help defense, and is an outstanding offensive rebounder. He cleans up after Amare.




Danilo Gallinari - Imagining a line-up with both Danilo and Carmelo could cause one to become perplexed. Gallinari has size, but is more of a natural scoring wing who needs his touches. With Carmelo playing the same position, there wouldn't be enough playing time to go around. Even if Danilo were to make the permanent move to PF, he'd still be a perimeter oriented offensive player, and out of his element on the defensive end. Unlike Ellis who prefers to get to the paint, Gallinari would not be as effective teaming up with Carmelo. Not to mention, the Knicks would have to pay Gallinari a very respectable contract, which would tighten the purse dramatically if Melo were to come to town, essentially playing 2 guys of the same position close to 30m. 


Landry Fields - He's the big loss. This is essentially what they're giving up in value in order to get Monta. Carmelo would be an upgrade at the SF position, making Danilo expendable, but what Landry Fields does can not be emulated at the 2. Albeit, Ellis alone is a huge threat on offense, and his penetration makes Amare Stoudemire even more dangerous than he already is. Monta is simply too valuable from both a marketing and talent vantage point.



Why the Warriors make this deal:


Danilo Gallinari - He doesn't have the same market pull as he would in NY obviously, but Steph Curry would do a fine job laying out the welcome mat for him. Curry and Gallinari give you unbelievable fire power from the perimeter in a high tempo game. They are perfect teammates - made for eachother. Both are unselfish, both can handle, both are demonic off the ball.

With Steph handling, Danilo becomes a target anywhere on the floor. In turn, when Danilo has the ball, Curry is an even bigger target off the ball. To add insult to injury, DG is a huge wing who sets a nasty screen. With David Lee being the passer he is, Danilo also being a very good passer at the 3, Steph could play like an off-guard, even in a set where he's running the point.

As David Lee and Andris Biedrins improve the paint production, or even an additional player is brought in to help or make that cause worthy, this starting lineup could rival Run TMC, in terms of shooting, ball movement, and explosiveness.


Landry Fields - He's got a chance at being the best glue guy in the league from his position. Just an unrivaled teammate who plays the game chivalrously. Like Stephen Curry, Fields has a special, special feel for the game. He limits his weaknesses and plays to his strengths with conviction. He probably makes us the best rebounding team in the NBA with Galley at the 3, Lee at the 4, and Biedrins at center.

Unlike Monta, he effects the game in so many ways without the ball in his hands. He'll take what Steph will give him, and he's an outstanding finisher. He maximizes the potential and growth in Stephen.

Our starting perimeter players would fit together like a jig-saw. I honestly don't see any flaws in a perimeter tandem of Curry - Fields - Gallinari, in terms of chemistry.


2nd Proposed Deal


New York gets: Monta Ellis, Jeremy Lin


Golden State gets: Landry Fields, Tony Douglas, Eddy Curry, 2011 1st round pick



Cleveland Cavs Deal


Cleveland gets: Monta Ellis, Lou Amundson


Golden State gets: 2011 1st round pick, Anderson Varejao, Christian Eyenga, Ryan Hollins


Why Cleveland does this deal:


Monta Ellis - I have an easy time imagining how many young Cleveland fans are turning to teams like OKC for hope right about now. Never have I seen such a pathetic, broken franchise. Of course Monta doesn't deserve damnation, but he instantly makes the Cavs twice the team they are now, in terms of being watchable. 24 losses in a row can cause even the most stonewall owner to keel over and spew all over his children. Something has to be done.

They can make a change now, and get a star player along with the salary cap, or they can keep their salary and try their hand at a player in the draft. Either way, a team as horrible as the Cavs can be taken advantage of during trade discussions.


Why Golden State does this deal:


2011 1st round pick - Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, and Enes Kanter. This draft contains some quality big men who could be franchise changers. The Cav's pick would certainly be a top 3 choice, and consequently we'd have a shot at these players. Their pick would put us in a position to evaluate our roster, and make the pick in accordance to what direction we choose to go. Maybe we trade Stephen Curry and draft Kyrie Irivng. Who knows...point is, having the no. 1 overall pick would be a huge, huge advantage in a year of evaluation like the Warriors are experiencing.


Christian Eyenga - I like his youth/athleticism off the bench. I also like the prospect of moving Reggie Williams into the starting line-up for this year under review. The idea is to force the potential of Williams' production by moving him into the starting line-up, building his confidence through a big spike in his minutes. This way we can further justify an extension by season's end, or not. If so, he'll have gained experience and confidence, fully prepared to come in next season as our primary scoring threat off the bench.


Anderson Varejao - Great defender, solid rebounder. He's always going to be a tradeable asset despite his sizable contract, and his abilities allow us some breathing room if we decide either Biedrins or Udoh to be expendable come draft time and our hearts are set on a star big man.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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