And now.... time for something completely different! - Larry Riley Read This!

EDIT - (JUST TO BE SAFE I removed the Monty Python picture, as it there might have been concern about a virus)

6'11", 20 years old, plays Forward...hmmm this sounds familiar eh?

No...this is not a moment of light hearted British humor in the midst of the 'WTF is going on with our Warriors!'... but a quick mention and moment of consideration from across the pond!

In one of the most talked about 'trade deadline' days in recent NBA history, the Warriors made the rather questionable move of effectively giving away Brandan Wright for a 2nd round pick! While there have been many threads discussing the pro's and con's of this move, I for one feel it was a slight waste.... 

As a player...I actually liked the potential of young Brandan and really hope he may remain healthy at the Net's to possibly show his true potential, which I don't believe we have fully seen yet. However ..... at 210lbs (225lbs possibly now), his lanky 6'10 frame really did get a bit of a beating in the NBA as a Power Forward.

Now... the current management and ownership talks of the future... and building around youth....well... let me take you back to my first line...and offer you a 6 foot 11 inch SMALL Forward, who can also play Power Forward but probably best if he does not in the NBA.... what if said player was 20 years old.... and what....most importantly (and major differentiating item to BWright) if I told you....said youngster was already 240LBS!!!!!????!!!! Interested???

Similar to Epke Udoh... but NOT Epke Udoh...

Now...what if said youngster was delivering an average of 8.4 points and 3.5 rebounds per game? Does this sound promising enough to you that we should offer him a seat on the bench??? Read more below if it does...

Now pay attention Mr Riley...this is your International Scout reporting in....

The player I am talking about is Jan Vesely of the Czech Republic and he was recently named the FIBA Europe Young Men's Player of the Year for 2010. In a very close contest he beat Ricky Rubio, gathering more votes from the expert panel and the public than the Spaniard.

Many are describing Jan in and around Europe as a player similar to Toni Kukoc but with potential to be a lot better! He decided not to enter the 2010 NBA draft to instead remain in Europe, however he is considering the 2011 NBA Draft and is predicted to be a Lottery pick if he does.

I have only seen this kid a few times, but what I have seen, I like and I like it a lot... he has good court vision, seems to hustle on D and has a great variety to his game from delicate shots to board bashing drives and considerable dunking ability!

In light of our recent 'young prospect forward' departure and varying views as to whether Udoh has what it takes to make a significant impact in this League, should we not be seriously investigating this kid who is currently 3 years younger than Udoh?

I personally think we should do what we can to get this kid into a GSW uniform immediately and steer him away from a Lottery, which we are unlikely to play any part in. Let him taste the NBA toward the end of this season with some scraps of game time and much more important training time to learn how to fit into the Golden State Warrior style of 'run n gun' play.

Better still... get him into our Summer League squad and into an NBA physical fitness regime that could easily see him become a very, VERY difficult player to defend at the 3 spot! just 20 years old, Jan has 2 inches of height and 35lbs on Dorrell Wright, who could be an excellent role model for him to focus on within the team.

I am genuinely excited by the prospect of this kid and if Larry Riley reads a single thread from this site, I truly hope he reads this one.... as Ladies and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls...I give you... Jan Vesely...a future Golden State Warrior....(I Hope)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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