Mr. Lacob, there's this guy in the draft.

There's only one player on the Warriors I enjoy watching on a consistent basis: Curry. No matter what the score is or who we are playing against, when he is on the court, I am watching. Don't get me wrong. I love watching Ellis when he catches fire on offence or defense, or Dorell when he's shooting the lights out. But every minute Curry plays. I am fascinated. Maybe it's the way he has to compensate for his lack of NBA athleticism at all times. On defense, you can see him positioning himself every second. On offence, his moves are much more complex than an athletic player's moves, yet so smooth! Defenders think they have him and boom, he's 3 feet away shooting the ball. It's like watching alchemy or Luke Skywalker turning from a farm hand to a great Jedi on a nightly basis.

Mr. Lacob, as a life long Warriors fan I am asking you to please draft another player that I would enjoy watching every minute he plays. And I have a particular player in mind. Even more perfectly, he has everything we lack in spades: incredible heart, toughness, big man athleticism, efficiency, savage dunks, rebounds, rebounds and more rebounds. He is Mr. Kenneth Faried. Our own not so poor man's Blake Griffin. This guy had me at 'best rebounder in NCAA.'

Any Cal fans? Do you love watching Jorge? You'll love watching this guy play.

Here is ESPN's blog entry on him:

And here's the most extended play, in game highlights I can find. It's from 3 years ago when he was a freshman. # 35 K Time! (This clip only had 695 views compared to 450,000 views for Jimmer Fredette highlights.)

I know he's not projected in the lottery yet, # 27 Draft Express # 16 Chad Ford, but look at our record in the draft. Could he be worse in value than Brandan Wright or Anthony Randolph? And what's wrong with a little reach with a super athletic, a little undersized, tough guy versus a super young guy? (Of course all of this advice is naught if W's lands a top 3 pick.)  

I know he plays the same position as Lee, and we just drafted Udoh, but frankly I don't care. I want entertainment, damn it! Did I say savage dunks? Savage Dunks! That's what's missing this year at the Oracle. Well, I want entertainment, toughness, defense and rebounds. On defense, I rather see a Rodman type man up on Griffin than Udoh trying to swat at him or Lee trying to out position him all game. I love Lee the person and like Lee the player, but there's a reason his nickname in New York is "the door man." Tough and nasty, he is not. 

And not to tout my own draft expertise, but I did say on record:

Noah over Wright

Robin Lopez over Randolph  (OK I did say if Nelly wanted AR, I am for it.)

Curry pick great!

Monroe over Udoh (Like everyone.) And more importantly. No Evan Turner! 'I don't want Turner' that comment drew hell-fire.

OK I did tout myself and I admit I was lucky. The point is, I am pumped for next year already because of this guy. (I know this last statement makes me a true Warriors fan... pathetically loyal and eternally hopeful.)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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