Current Warriors vs. Previous Warriors

Hey guys! I was just watching highlights of maybe the past..4? 5? seasons. I missed many players. So I wanted to maybe remind you guys of some of them! I couldn't think of any way but to do a comparison!

So it's basically 2006-2010 Warriors comparing to the 2011 Warriors! Who's better? Make the jump for a hard worked long post!

Some have two comparisons, some have 3. If you don't want to read this all, there are final results at the bottom!


Starting Point Guard Comparison

Stephen Curry vs. Baron Davis


Stephen Curry made his case last year for rookie of the year. It doesn't seem as if we are seeing the same from him this year after his ankle tweak. Clearly, he is not getting those fourth quarter opportunities due to Keith Smart liking Acie Law. He has totally downgraded from last season. This team was basically under his control last season. Many fans expected him to carry this team starting the 2011 season, but Monta Ellis stepped up, while Curry stepped down.



Baron Davis was the total reason we reached the playoffs back in 07. He was our closer. Made being a Warriors fan much easier than it is now. He could do everything. From three point shooting, to finding players. Overall, I think he was a great player. Everyone was complaining that he was getting old and needed to be traded...and what did the Warriors end up with? A huge contract of Corey Maggette.

Baron Thinks "We Believe" Can Happen In Cleveland


Winner: Baron Davis

It was a super hard decision, but I need to go with Baron. Very much older than Steph, but he had the experience to lead us to the playoffs. Should we have kept him? There are many questions that will never be answered..that is unless Baron comes back to Golden State, which is highly unlikely.



Starting Shooting Guard Comparison

Monta Ellis vs. Jamal Crawford vs. Jason Richardson


All Star Snub. Our very own, Monta Ellis. He has everything in his arsenal. We've seen him shoot threes, attack the basket, hang in the air, dunk, post up on guards, handle the ball, and finish some games off. Our moped Warrior has grown up. Despite his hard working game efforts, there are still rumors everywhere about trading him. For example, last season. Monta Ellis for OJ Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet...Thabeet turned out to be like an Andris Biedrins, big but couldn't do anything. OJ Mayo isn't starting anymore! He's not consistent. Rookie Henry Xavier is taking his spot. Aren't you glad the Warriors didn't pull the trigger on that trade?



He brings back several memories. The shake and bake on Ray Allen. The closer against Indiana. Oh man! The Warriors traded him for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton..what a stupid trade. Imagine if he was still on the Warriors..playing that sixth man position..Oh man oh man oh man. A 6'5 guard with handles that can handle the point guard. He can dish it off at any time. He has that great three point shot. Love this kid.



Remember the hops this man had? Remember his game winning three pointer against Dallas? Remember the Gilbert-Richardson moments?

Do I even need to say any more about this guy? We would take him back anyday.


Winner: Jason Richardson

Maybe the hardest comparison ever. You could probably rule out Jamal Crawford first. But then it's Monta vs. Richardson...Monta was close to being an All Star..but like Fitz's not about the stats, you have to see this guy play. That guy would be Jason Richardson. A 2-guard that won't cause mismatches (Monta Ellis...6'3).



Starting Small Forward Comparison

Dorell Wright vs. Stephen Jackson vs. Corey Maggette


This man can shoot the ball. The best pick up I can think of for the Warriors. Cheap price as well. One thing that concerns me is...he can only play the game with David Lee. Is there one time where David Lee is not looking at Dorell first? Is this the reason why Dorell wasn't as good in Miami? Because they didn't have David Lee? But whatever. He is one of my Warrior favorites. Best three point shooter in the league (as well with the most attempts?)? I think so.



Captain Jack! I use to look up to him.. then he left Golden State. He can come up big, but he can also come up small. He can shoot the ball, but not as well as Dorell Wright. I can't imagine where we'd be if we decided to build a team around him. He is playing better in Charlotte at the moment though. The Bobcats even got rid of Gerald Wallace, and now Stephen Jackson can go back to playing his old position, small forward. We'll just have to see how well he does.



You guys wanted this guy gone. I didn't see the reason why. He averaged 20+ppg. He attacked the bucket. He got us to the foul line. Do you see anyone on the Warriors this moment playing the way he did (Al Thornton isn't being played enough to attack the hoop as much as Corey did)? He could shoot free throws with his weird lips. Sure he had a big contract, but I personally think he was worth it if he could keep on contributing 20+ppg.


Winner: Corey Maggette (w/o the contract)

Stephen Jackson is out of the question. Great player, but we can't build a team around him, in fact anywhere NEAR him. Dorell Wright..I love him, but I just had to give this one to Corey Maggette. Like I said, attacked the bucket. Can't believe im relating this to's not about the box score for him..he drove the lane. He got the superstar big men in foul trouble. We should've Maggs.



Starting Power Forward Comparison

David Lee vs. Al Harrington


20-10 guy for the 2009-2010 season. Came down with that elbow injury once he joined the Warriors (curse much?). Now he's down to 15-10 per game. He's getting his jump shot down. He can post up. He can pass (to Dorell Wright). Maybe it's not because he had the injury, maybe his stats went down just because he's not focused on enough here in Golden State. He was really the All Star player for New York. He was their guy. Here in Golden State, our basically Monta Ellis.



Trigger Happy Harrington. He can sink threes, but he's sometimes inconsistent. Yet..he still keeps on taking them. Don't remember seeing any post moves from him, but maybe I'm wrong. Got some rebounds but wasn't much of a defensive presence.


Winner: (clearly) David Lee

Do I even need to explain why? Save me some time..I still have many more guys to compare.



Starting Center Comparison

Andris Biedrins vs. Anthony Randolph (PF, but I couldn't think of another starting center in the past five years. Ronny Turiaf was one, but I decided to compare him to Ekpe Udoh because of their defense.)


I miss the old Biedrins. I want him back. He is being overpaid for the way he's playing right now (clearly). He can be a presence once every fifteen games. Rebounding is his only decent skill. Can't score, can't shoot free throws. That is..the 2011 version of Biedrins.



AR4. So athletic. I wasn't exactly in love with him, but I loved his athletic ability. I would take him over the 2011 Biedrins anyday. He made tremendous blocks and had a somewhat offensive presence. But what I don't understand was..The Warriors thought he was a part of their they didn't trade him for Kevin Love.

Yet..they decided to trade him later on for David Lee. I'm sorry but right now, I'd take Love over Lee any day.


Winner: Andris Biedrins

Surprisingly, I had to do it. I feel that Biedrins still has the potential to go back to the 2007 version of him. He needs a little confidence boost (and a little paycut as well). Randolph is still developing. Maybe in about a year or two, I'll come back and edit the winner to Randolph.



Now..let's head over to our bench!


Bench Point Guard Comparison

Acie Law vs. CJ Watson


Oh man. Don't you just love it when your coach plays you when you need Stephen Curry's scoring. Either way, I have confidence in this man. If we do get a better bench point guard, I'd want him as our 3rd point guard. Pass first guy. Screwed us up in a few games, but I like his aggressiveness when he asserts himself.



Mr. Mohawk. I miss him as well. He had the handles, had the shot, had the visibility, and most importantly, had the chemistry. Yet, he just had to leave us for Chicago. But, I find us lucky enough that we didn't lose him to Orlando a season before he left. Remember that 40 point night he had? I think it was against the Kings? I don't remember.


Winner: CJ Watson

Obvious choice. You can say Acie Law and CJ Watson are the same, but Watson can shoot. That's the difference.



Bench Shooting Guard Comparison

Reggie Williams vs. Anthony Morrow

The D-League Call-ups


My man, Reggie Williams. He can play any position from the point to the small forward. So versatile. He can have his nights. Then he can have the nights where he's riding the bench. Sometimes inconsistent, but most of the time can give us double digits. What else can I say? Oh yeah, a fantastic D-League call up!



Anthony Morrow. The clutch three point shooter. Always consistent. I personally think Nellieball is the reason why he has succeeded. He played Morrow at the power forward sometimes, and they are usually slow to contest on a speedy three point shooter. That's how he gained his confidence. Once again, another great D-League call up.


Winner: Anthony Morrow

Way more consistent than Reggie. Not as much handles but can usually put up more points than Reggie.



The First Bench Small Forward Comparison

Al Thornton vs. Matt Barnes vs. Kelenna Azubuike


Not a shooter. Can attack. Can shoot free throws. Can post up. Big. Can play the 3 and 4. 'nuff said (I'm getting tired).



Matt Barnes. I consider him more of a defensive guy. He was..intimidating to other players. The tats, the trash talk..hey he was perfect for the Warriors. We needed some tough guy to strengthen our softness.



Gorilla faced Azubuike. He's listed as 6'5. But yet..he played power forward for us. That just tells anyone that he's strong and willing to be pushed around inside but still succeed. He could shoot the three and he could contest shots.


Winner: Kelenna Azubuike

Only one out of these three that can shoot. Only one that is short to be a shooting guard, but played forward for us. He will be remembered here in Golden State.



The Second Bench Small Forward Comparison

Vladimir Radmanovic vs. Mickael Pietrus


VladRad. I won't be a poser, last season I was complaining about him. Now he stepped up. Great bench player to have. He can shoot the three. I wouldn't consider him a power forward even though Smart decides to play him at the 4. P.S. thanks for the buzzer beater in Sactown, it really gave the fans confidence to staying loyal.



Air France. How's it going in Phoenix? I haven't been seeing you play? What's wrong?

He's called Air France for a reason. Not only that, he gave the Warriors bench presence.


Winner: Mickael Pietrus

What can I say? He gave us more than VladRad is giving us. Vladimir is more consistent with the three, but Pietrus did a lot more things than just shoot.



Bench Power Forward Comparison

Lou Amundson vs. Anthony Tolliver

(Tolliver started for us, but I'm listing him as a bench player. He only started due to injuries anyway.)



Lou Amundson gives us energy off the bench. He can grab boards. He can score once in a while. That's all I expect from him. He's worth that $2.7 (?) million. Keep on working hard.



I'm mad at you..taking your talents to Minnesota..UGH

Power forward that can shoot beyond the arc. Great D-League find for the Warriors. Nothing else to say other than, if you would've stayed here, I think we could've replaced you in the starting line-up for Biedrins. But then..Coby Karl could replace Biedrins at center.


Winner: Lou Amundson

Not because I'm mad at Tolliver. I just hated the fact that he is a big, and he is getting pushed around inside. Anyone remember Amare's stuff on Tolliver? Horrible times..horrible times.



Bench Center Comparison

Ekpe Udoh vs. Ronny Turiaf


You can expect hustle from this man 24/7. He can block shots. His offensive game is starting to go down. He is giving us that defense we need. He's huge! I hope you stick around in Golden State for a long time young man.



Now you are truly the Warrior I miss the most. I love watching you play. I love the way you're energetic. I love the way you support your teammates. Oh man, if only you would be on our bench, just going crazy on those Steph-Wright alley oops. You & Biedrins were a beastly 4-5 tandem. Not a scoring frontcourt, but a good defensive frontcourt. Come back when you have the chance, PLEASE.


Winner: No Winner.

Couldn't pick a guy. Both give energy and defense. Very similar. If I had to pick, it'd be Ronny though. Lame reason. Just because he supports his team on the bench more. He's never upset sitting there. Hyperactive much?


Should be a pretty interesting poll.. Ekpe Udoh or Ronny Turiaf. I'll post the winner when I also add the Smart-Nelson comparison!



I'm not even gonna waste my time posting pictures of all of them and typing information. I'll just get straight to the point.


Garbage Point Guard Comparison

Jeremy Lin vs. Marcus Williams vs. Demarcus Nelson


Winner: Demarcus Nelson

Garbage Shooting Guard Comparison

Charlie Bell vs. Marco Belinelli


Winner: Marco Belinelli

Garbage Big Men

Jeff Adrien vs. Chris Hunter vs. Mikki Moore


Winner: Chris Hunter


I'll post the Keith Smart vs. Don Nelson sometime this week.




Final Results

Stephen Curry vs. Baron Davis

Monta Ellis vs. Jamal Crawford vs. Jason Richardson

Dorell Wright vs. Stephen Jackson vs. Corey Maggette

David Lee vs. Al Harrington

Andris Biedrins vs. Anthony Randolph

Acie Law vs. CJ Watson

Reggie Williams vs. Anthony Morrow

Al Thornton vs. Matt Barnes vs. Kelenna Azubuike

Vladimir Radmanovic vs. Mickael Pietrus

Lou Amundson vs. Anthony Tolliver

Ekpe Udoh vs. Ronny Turiaf

Jeremy Lin vs. Marcus Williams vs. Demarcus Nelson

Charlie Bell vs. Marco Belinelli

Jeff Adrien vs. Chris Hunter vs. Mikki Moore

Keith Smart vs. Don Nelson - Coming Soon.


So how does a roster of: B Diddy (07 version), J-Rich, Maggs, Lee, Biedrins, Watson, Morrow, Buike, Air France, Lou, Ekpe/Turiaf, Nelson, Belinelli, and Hunter sound? me it doesn't sound that good.. I wonder what went wrong. IM TIRED! Won't try and figure it out. Comment on what you think! Who do you miss the most?

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