Lost: Patience.

I get it. We're an abysmally bad team, and we have been that way for the past century (slightly exaggerated), and we aren't doing that well right now. These things all frustrate me as much as they frustrate anybody else that's a loyal Warriors fan. I'm not here to echo the girl calling everybody haters, because I can understand discussing the downside of being a Warriors fan, of which there is quite a list, but what I am here to ask is why there is no patience?

When I ask this the sentiment seems to be, "well, we've been bad for so long, and we've got new ownership, they talked a big game, so I'd like to see them walk the walk." But where I'm lost, and have become baffled by a few of the members here at GSoM, is on the topic of patience and perspective.

Did anybody, within their heart of Warriors hearts, really expect us to do anything this year? Because if so, I'd begin to question your realism. We started this season as a team with limited assets, a brand new ownership group, a brand new coach, a sophomore point guard, a failing center, no bench, a power forward new to the system (who also underwent a freak injury) but with a fan base that pushed for playoffs or bust. I'm failing to see whatever everybody else saw. I'm failing to see, with that list of ailments, how in a realistic fan's mind we were bound for anything other than a mediocre-at-best season.

I'd really like to just instill some perspective:

  • We aren't going to the playoffs this year, and if we do we're surely seeing an early exit. We may not go to them next year,  and we probably won't win a championship in the next 5-10 years, that's more or less fact.
  • Our ownership group is brand new and has proclaimed this year as an evaluative year. Would you expect a new principle of a crappy public school to come in and immediately thrust a school of sub-par standing into blue-ribbon contention? No. So don't expect the Warriors to do the same.
  • Our point guard is a sophomore, our new center is a rookie, our power forward is new to the system, our shooting guard is undergoing an evolution from ball hog to team player, and our bench is a mess.
  • Our coach is in his first true year as a full-blown head coach. Would you expect his rotations, and coaching methods to be perfect? I'm sure it's a damn hard job to be a head coach of a professional sports franchise, regardless of how good or bad they are. I'm not saying he's the answer for the future, but perhaps we should give him a shot, and some decent players, and not just half of a season with no bench before we are crying mutiny.
That all being said, I can still understand frustration. I'm not saying don't be frustrated; I'm just saying perhaps before someone proclaims it's the end because new ownership hasn't done anything significant in their first few months owning a professional sports franchise, they should take a deep breath, a step back, and take a look at the bigger picture.
Times are rough, but times have certainly been rougher. I believe we are headed in the right direction, and this is the first, rocky, evaluative year that ownership figures out what they are really doing. I for one wouldn't expect myself to turn a miserable, losing, abysmal franchise to a playoff bound, fresh, new young team in my first year of ownership, and I think if you look at it, you wouldn't expect yourself to do the same either.
Perspective people.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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