Is it just me or does the Warriors have the tools and pieces to reach the playoffs? A minor tweak here and there in the coaching position and some MAJOR tweaks in the roster to give it more of an edge, I think this team can head to a positive direction. Lately, I've been staring at stats and what stands out the most are the pieces they have already to carry them over "the hump".  

Their starting lineup has the main pieces of the puzzle. With Monta & Steph in the back court, they both averaged to be the highest scoring back court tandem in the league. That basically adds 2 options whether to run the offense through Curry or Ellis. To add another dimension, remember when David Lee was still with the Knicks, they ran their offense through him. And, what kinds of numbers did he possess. We do remember the triple double game he had against the Dubs where he had I believe 40 points grabbing 20 rebounds and 10 assist. I mean, wow, 3 options to run the offense through. 

You can't forget the perfect role player in Dorell Wright. A player with defense and can score from beyond the arch? I'd take him. 

Now, this is where we go upside down and figure out the possibilities what the Warriors SHOULD or could do to change the culture of the team. 

Let's face it, the "Nellie Ball" system won't work in winning a championship especially when you do not possess a decent hard-knock DEFENSE. Sure it may give us the edge in reaching the playoffs, but imagine if we face the Lakers or Spurs in the first round, then what?  It's surely entertaining for the fans but hey, let's be real, Dubs fans do want to see this team succeed. 

No disrespect to Keith Smart, great person and coach, but he has to go. I would hire Mike Brown. Remember him? Me neither. Well just a little background info; He coached the man name LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers, He did win Coach of the Year in 2009, helped the San Antonio Spurs win a championship in 2003 as an assistant to Gregg Popovich. Hope that covers everything. But hey, let's grab this guy since he had a history with winning and coaching. His style of coaching is no different from Coach Smart; a "Players-Coach". Brown LeBron did lead the Cavs to the Finals in 2009

Sad to say, the Beans era has to end in the Bay. Either that or we just dock him down to the bench as a good role player off the bench for defensive and rebounding purposes, then yes, let's keep him. But come on, David Lee needs another big man that compliments his style of play and I think if we sign a player such as Nene over the summer from FA, that would be the best transaction the Warriors can make as a organization. I would love to see Nene in a Dubs uni and come out of the game to rest and have Biedrins come off the bench. 

Mr. "Sixth Man of the Year" (should've, could've, would've) if he came out of the season red hot as he his right now, he should win the honor. But unfortunately, early season struggles were in effect. Reggie Williams, is just another CJ Watson story. A great player coming out of the D-League that was a great role player for the Warriors and then will open some eyes of other teams in the league and will shine even brighter in that team. This guy deserves a bonus or a trip to Disney World because he's probably a huge reason why the Warriors are "somewhat" on the road to .500. 

Then see Udoh develop into the player that we all hope to see. He possesses already defense and rebounding but if he works on it a little bit more including his offense, I see this guy starting ahead of anyone in the roster. Don't get me wrong, this is a young team, but I think the players on it won't help them succeed. If Ellis & Curry both come out the game, then who takes point? Acie Law? He reminds me of a player that's a loose canon and seems like he doesn't know where he's going; Anthony Randolph. Would like to see more of Jeremy Lin. He has the quickness and I can see a steady defense but still, can he handle the ball while Ellis and Curry are resting? 

Let's just say, a new coach and releasing some players from the current roster to add quality players over the summer would really help this organization. 

(No time for me to proofread, all my posts comes directly out of my head.  Sorry for all the grammatical errors, but hey, who cares? just kidding)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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