Baron Davis - Props to My Favorite Warrior of the Decade.

I love this man to death. Baron Davis should be the player of the month right now. Here's why:

Obviously, his performance does not warrant anything close, but the respect I have gained for B-Dizzle over the past couple weeks has skyrocketed, making the nostalgia from the We Believe squad even harder to carry. Baron went from bad to worse a week ago: once a Clipper, now a Cav. Instead of copping out of playing in a bad situation and asking for a buyout (see mike bibby, the dude reaaaaaallly wanted out of Washinton), Baron kept his head held high and insisted he wanted to play in Cleveland, even going as far to express his excitement publicly and embrace it in the days before his first game. What a professional. It's not like we're talking about a team like Timberwolves ....  we're talking Cleveland - the city that as of this year is the most depressing city to be a fan in of any sport (especially basketball).

So I started thinking, if Baron could be a Warrior again, would I bite?


Just to be clear here, I am not saying I'd prefer Baron instead of Curry. I'm saying I want them together for some very good reasons.

Do I think he'd agree to be our backup pg/sixth man? 100 percent. Would I want him there? Hell yes.

He misses us. The Contra Costa times had an entire interview where basically he admitted how much he regretted leaving. I forgot who posted this on GSOM, but it was comparable to a pointless breakup in a relationship. One that left us all wondering....what if?


And tonight I realized just how much I missed him back.

The way Baron played tonight was admirable. He ran an offense that lacks any offensive threats and produced high levels of production when he was on the court, especially considering Twan is out. Yes, his shooting was average,  but he passed like a champion (his lobs were spot on, thanks Blake Griffin) and despite only being in Cleveland for week and a half, he is already the CLEAR-CUT leader of the Cavs. You can tell that he receives the utmost respect from the Cavs large youth movement. He was vocal on the court, speaking and connecting with the other four guys he played with at all times. And they listened. I mean, how many times did he connect with Ryan Hollins? Hollins can attribute the best night of his career to Baron, Mo Williams never would have been able to help a young guy out like that. Look for some crazy dunks from the Davis-Hollins duo.

Hear me out:

Baron would be and would have been the ideal man to mentor Curry, I'm convinced of it. if there's on thing that Baron made clear in his days here, as well as tonight's game, it's that he can switch masterfully between being a shoot first pg and a pass first pg - THIS, above everything else, should be curry's ultimate goal in the end. Steph has the magic touch on his shot, and I can only hope that he will one day develop the knowledge that Baron showed tonight of switching back and forth between being an offensive powerhouse and being the captain of the ship, thus creating the flowing offense that wins games.

BD back in the bay would be a catalyst for a very familiar style of play that we haven't seen for a couple of seasons. The ball would be spread out more, ultimately taking shots away from Monta and giving more to Reggie, Steph, and Dorrell. It could help remind Monta of when he was most helpful: when he played like a true sg on the we believe squad/playing OFF the ball and finding the open space instead of forcing the offense down the opponents throat. Boom Dizzle would also give the Dubs a chance to play Curry at the 2, his natural spot, where he would be given more opportunities to nail his sweet jumper and become a much scarier offensive threat than he currently is (think Monta numbers.... only the ppg's though)

If I could bring BD back, I wouldn't hesitate. I'm all for it. Contractually, never in a million years this season or the next. But if he can stay healthy in Cleveland, and be willing to sign at a significantly cheaper price, then he better be wearing some blue and yellow come 2013. And I believe he has the determination to do both. He loves the Bay, its where his moments of greatness are stored in memory At this point, not only would it boost fan moral back through the roof (i mean, he is our greatest leader and arguably our favorite warrior of the past decade). It would be nothing but good news and awesome seasons to come.

Props to Baron. Tonight he showed what it meant to be a true professional player.


Anybody else down to Fear the Beard ...... Again?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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