Conversation with Lacob

I am not original poster of this story as i copied it from other website you can find here thought you would find this interesting

Conversation with Lacob

Postby cladden on Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:18 am

So a friend of mine ran into Joe Lacob Arrillaga gym and apparently had a good conversation with him. Seeing as none of this is very earth-shattering I hope people won't think I made it up.

First email:

I played at the Arrillaga gym in Menlo Park this afternoon -- the one that replaced the Burgess gym.

Joe Lacob was there hanging out! he was going to play pickup but then his son's showed up, they're like early 20's, and he decided to just watch them and talk to me! We talked Warriors for about 40 minutes. He was pretty open about what he wants to do and the issues with the team, etc. Great conversation, I was impressed.

And I fat-finger my iphone response:

Pretty cook. Did he drop any names fr trades?

He then went on to say this:

Said they are going to go hard after Nene and will probably have to overpay, but that's what you have to do because he's one of the few good bigs available. He also said they have about $20 million to play with including expiring contracts. He claims he asked Wyc Grousbeck, co-owner of the Celtics, about Kendrick Perkins a few days before he was traded. And while he thinks Danny Ainge is a brilliant GM, thinks the Celtics made a terrible trade.

He also said he's amazed at how clueless the media is and shocked by how often they seem to just make stuff up if not grossly misinterpret what he and others say. For example, there have been a lot of reports the Warriors would like to get a strong small forward like Andre Iguodola so Dorell Wright can come off the bench. He says that's a really low priority and he's perfectly fine with Wright as a starter. He also said he never said, as was reported, that the Warriors passed on a trade for Gerald Wallace and the fact that it cost Portland two #1's to get him, shows the Warriors weren't in the bidding because they couldn't match anything like that. He also said Wallace is way too expensive and a black hole on offense; he'd only want him if his salary was a lot lower.

I asked him about Al Thornton versus Maggette and he said the fact Thornton is a lot cheaper makes him more valuable to W's. Also he likes that Thornton can come in for Dorell Wright and provide a very different offensive threat, being a slasher instead of a 3 pt. shooter, makes him a nice weapon. Couple of other things, I'll tell you next time I see you.

Wouldn't mind getting Nene even if I've never thought him to be such a great defender or rebounder but he would be the only legit post scoring threat we've had since Damp's contract season and before that I can't even remember.

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