HELP! I need somebody!! HELP! Not just anybody!!

As most of you guys know, I am a die-hard Monta Ellis fan. As less of you guys may know, I have been planning on paying tribute to him this Summer by uploading the DEFINITIVE Monta Ellis highlight mix on Youtube. I mean, it's supposed to be the Monta Ellis highlight reel to end all Monta Ellis highlight reels, when it's out. I tried to do something similar last Summer, and, for those of you that haven't seen my work, the result can be seen here:

As I stated in that video's description, I assembled the highlights for that video from a guy (some would say, legend) on Youtube named Orangino. (You can view his channel here: 

Unfortunately,  Orangino apparently grew frustrated of watching the Warriors after last season's chaotic episode and, much to the horror of many Warrior fans who live outside the Bay Area- like myself- decided to hang up his cape and quit. At the start of this season, when I realized Orangino had become disillusioned with the Warriors' antics, I posted on here seeking the help of the single most loyal/devoted/faithful/hardcore/die-hard Warrior fan base in the world- GSoM. I plead to you guys for some sort of direction; a sign. And sure enough, my trust in GSoM was rewarded, as my cry for help was responded to in kind by the white light of Youtube channels viseasonclips1011 (who posts on here under the name Venom Industries), JustShac, Stylish80, and gumbyorpokey. 

Now, all of these channels have been just GREAT to me all season: Viseasonclips, JustShac and Stylish80 have consistently provided highlights of individual Warrior players' games (like Monta), and I have been relying on them to provide the source video for about half of my work. For the other half of my work, I had been relying on the dedicated work of gumbyorpokey, who semi-consistently uploaded game highlights of the Warriors as a team (many of which featured Monta). Unfortunately, the powers that be (e.g. the NBA) have recently caught up to gumbyorpokey with copyright claims, and his channel has been abruptly shut down.

Now, while Viseasonclips1011, JustShac, and Stylish80 are not chopped liver, they have missed a whole lot of big Monta games this season, let alone Warrior games. And they overlap each other a lot (Viseason and JustShac work together for a site called you should check 'em out). So, gumbyorpokey's production was critical to me, as he was sorta the lone wolf of the group. Gumby did things his way, and he covered a lot of games the rest of Orangino's disciples didn't. Now, he's paid the price for it. And in turn, so have my epic Monta 2010-2011 tribute aspirations. 

Once again, I turn to the only place I know I can for help. Does anybody here post Monta and/or Warrior highlights, that I haven't shouted out above? Or does anybody here know of a Youtube channel, or a basketball mix website that I may have missed? If so, could you let me know here?  

Please, GSoM, help me with this noble cause once again. We have been in this place before, as a community, and we have banded together, as a team, to find alternate solutions (when I posted here in October). Help me help you once again, so that the definitive highlight video for an athlete may yet have a chance to come to life this Summer, and Monta Ellis may get his best shot to become recognized for his excellent performance on the court this year. I can only get so far without you guys' help at this point.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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