Offseason ideas?

As the draft approaches and ideas stir, I have some of my own too. As we know, the Lakers may be looking to make a deal (Pau Gasol possibly after his bad performance in the playoffs). Gasol is a good player, but he can play soft at times, and that is why I am not completely sold on trading for him. But, what if we could trade Monta and Biedrins for Gasol and Brown? We could throw in whoever we pick in the draft as well. There may be limits on what packages LA will want to do b/c apparently Brown has been rumored to have slept with Gasol's girl (i don't know if it is true) but all I know is some other teammate caused problems with Gasol's relationship. If they want to keep Gasol how about replacing him in the trade with Bynum? (maybe we could even try to trade him later in a package for Howard, I will dream) My worry here is that Bynum is kinda injury prone. Anything is better than Biedrins though. These are just ideas based off of what has been rumored about the lakers and who they may look to move. They want to get quicker in the backcourt and Monta does that for them. And maybe Barnes and Artest will make Biedrins tough again like he was when Baron, Jack and Barnes were here. Any suggestions?

The trailblazers may also be looking to make some moves after McMillan said they need to improve the roster: don't know if there is anything worth looking into there but do you guys have any ideas?

As for the draft, it has opened up possibilities for us to make trades and get someone. Cleveland, Minn, and Utah have the top 3 picks. Irving, and williams will be top 2 I think and third I guess based off of what everyone is saying would be Kanter? Cleveland may be willing to take Biedrins but for what I don't know. I don't think they really want him though. Minnesota has their set of bigs already and I saw the post about them looking to trade. If we trade up PLEASE DO NOT TRADE FOR FLYNN!!!! People, please stop saying we should get him. He sucks, and if we were to have him and Biedrins on the same team, well we would have the two worst players in the league on the same team (looking at pay and everything). If we will give up Monta try to get Love, If we can't get him or Beasley or someone who we know will contribute then make the trade. If not, we are trading for someone basically guessing that draft pick will be successful in the NBA. ( J-Rich for Wright trade for ex.) The reason I don't like Love is because of his defense and that would be terrible alongside Lee. He would have high value to trade in the future though.

Utah is where things get interesting. They already have Millsap, Okur, Favors and Jefferson as bigs. All of those guys can be possible starters on teams so they kind of have a jam there and if they are to take Kanter, they may be looking to make a trade involving one of those bigs. Would you guys trade Biedrins and 2nd round picks (don't know how many)  for Okur? They would have another big, but Andris would be more of a defensive one (they have offensive ones mostly right now) and Andris wouldn't be as unhappy as these other bigs who aren't getting their pt. We could do that trade straight up and Okur only has 2 yrs left on his contract (9mil). Or how about Monta, Biedrins (picks maybe) for Jefferson and Harris? Harris is a good player, former all star, and I think he is a pretty good defender. Jefferson can score and rebound and is an alright defender. A worry would be whether or not he can play in our uptempo game, and his knee problems. Also has a kind of big contract for 3 yrs. but he can surely produce. Maybe they will even look to trade Kanter, but I think the most realistic guy they would move would probably be Okur (if they do get Kanter).

I just hope and pray that we will not give up a quality player like Monta or Curry for nothing just like we have done with so many trades in the past. In addition to this, if we are going to trade a guy like that, then go and get a player with high value and who is a real star on a real team. Don;t go getting a player who is only good because they are on a weak team. (somewhat like the Lee situation when he was in NY, though he has been ok, not great, but yes overpaid) and yes Monta is on a weak team here, but I think he would be able to play well and be a "star" anywhere he goes.

What are your thoughts?

Oh if we can clear some cap room we can get a C. like Nene if he chooses to opt out, that would be a dream come true. And I don' t know if Memphis can pay Marc Gasol with all the other contracts they are locked in with. If they can;t and we are able to steal him away from them, that would be great. 

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