Well I should be Studying for Finals BUT

Speculating about the offseason is way more important. Hit the jump for some thoughts.

How about this offseason plan? I think it's perfectably doable and smart (like actual smarts, not just a really nice coach):


find a way to dump beans. or send him to the d-league. thabeet style. such a waste of cash but he needs to get coaching that focuses on him and only him.

do anything we can to draft biyombo, cuz bismack is just plain scary. i dont think i need to write much about him cuz we all already know. if a new CBA agreement is made before the draft (unlikely), then trade our pick and expirings to move up a couple picks so we can make sure to snag him.

 then also draft benson, my sleeper pick of the entire draft. i know i know, you're thinking, 'really, two centers?'. well considering we played the entire season with a european manchild at the 5, i think we want to guarantee we find our center of the future. this ensures that we really shore up our frontcourt with size and offense. I saw kieth play in oakland over break and i can't remember a time where i've watched a game live and seen a player so physically powerful and dominant. also, it's significantly cheaper than blowing what little cash we have left on dalembert, jordan (seriously, he's not what we're making him out to be. mad athletic, zero basketball iq. a staggering amount of mistakes all the time), or nene (which won't happen. btw, I HAD A FANPOST AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON ABOUT TRYING TO TRADE FOR NENE AND EVERYONE HATED ON IT. and now look). scoring in the paint when you might have to face udoh, bismack, and benson together... well that just wont happen. also, we could call udoh and bismack the lion kings. just sayin.

start udoh. he'll mature under a smarter coach (pun intended) who cares about more than feeding monta points. his advanced stats per 36 last time i checked? the dude has similar per 36 blocking numbers as howard. he needs to start.

sign stuckey. he's a young, large point guard who can matchup well size-wise with most other guards and also has some crazy handles. I think he'd work well with this team. i don't think he was ever used right in detriot seeing as their gameplan was to 'not worry about because grandpa hamilton's on the court'.

sign afflalo. i don't think i can name a player who has a better all around game than afflalo (i know, bold right?). he's incredible at playing off the ball and creating space, offensively sound, backs up stellar defense with good size, and a quite team leader. my high school p.e. teacher played against him in college, and all he talks about is how well rounded afflalo is. i wouldn't want to miss out on this kid. i credit so much of the nuggets success without carmelo to him.

play curry at the 2 more, but start him at the 1. he played 3 yrs of sg in college, and curry working off the ball with the catch and shoot = orgasmically beautiful. and i know that i'll probably get shot in the face for saying this, but before monta got hurt at the end, he basically was our point guard. and he was damn good at it. (that being said, lets keep him as far away from the starting pg spot as possible)



smaller things on the to do list: get a mascot. make lou amundson be our mascot. keep lin in the d league. spend as little cash as possible on FA outside stuckey and afflalo. save up for dwight. fire riley after next season but keep him as an advisor. give bobby myers the job. bring back we believe. enjoy playoff season and eventually make a disney movie down the road about the warriors incredible story. have a 07 reunion day where we invite b-diddy, stack jack, al, barnes, and buike back. 

boom. championship.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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