Why Monta and Curry can't work

Warrior fans,

I love our back court. Watching Monta and Steph make it happen on the offensive end is real fun to watch. I was even one of those people who got furious when Monta was "bashed" on and disliked by the GSOM community. When people told me Monta needed to get out of the Bay, I claimed the Warriors could work with our small back court as long as we have a solid big man (which we still need).

Over the past few weeks however I have read all the fanposts, fanshots, and comments regarding the never ending Monta debate and now i clearly understand why people don't believe it will work with two 6'3 guards. I have came to the conclusion that many people who want to keep Monta claim our defense is not all that bad (Are you kidding me?) Those who think it could work with Monta; here is why it won't

The Warriors score 103.4 points a game on average. You think, wow isn't that playoff worthy.. If rankings were based just on scoring, the Warrior would be seeded 6th in the Western Conference..


The Warriors give up 105.7 points per game on average..If rankings were based just on defense, the Warriors would be seeded the 4th worst team in the NBA..

It is clear to everyone Monta does not defend nor hustle on the defensive end. He is 12th in the leauge in turnovers per game ( Ellis averages more turnovers then curry) I have also said that Monta cannot rebound. When i say this people reply "well, he isn't a big"...To those people: "Explain why there are 31 guards in the nba who rebound more then Ellis (including curry) Another thing I often here is "well Monta has a good offensive game,his field goal percentage is off the charts. I agree his offensive game is nice but his field goal percentage isn't all that. There are over 30 players in the guard position alone who have a higher field goal percentage than Monta. (including Curry)

The bottom line is that our back court could work if the two cats played D..but they don't so one of them have to go. Even if you forget about the age, Curry is a statistically better defensive player then Monta.. I think we would need to let Monta go...We all know Monta has a nasty attitude (even though it has improved) and I believe that translates into Monta not playing D..He is a little to full of himself..Love you Monta but your are not the 3rd best player in the league like you said you were. You saying your the third best player in the league clearly means you think being good is all about offense.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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