I Am Appalled and Bewildered

The extent to which our beloved Golden State Warriors have, quite simply, sucked, has been well chronicled. We haven't won a championship in around 40 years, but many teams have yet to win a championship. The problem is, obviously, our single Playoff appearance in the last 17 years.

Longtime Warrior fans will attest to the fact that it has been too long since the Warriors have had any sort of promise for the future, a player with the capability of lifting this team to the promised land. Heck, we haven't had an all-star in over a decade. In 2007, we finally experienced some success, albeit with one of the most unusual lineups ever, one not built for sustained winning over a long period of time. Still, we loved the feeling of relevancy around the league. We Believe gave us Warrior fans a moment of glory, when the entire world formally recognized and commended the team we love.

Unfortunately, our management has sucked, horribly. In addition to many unbelievable moves prior to 2007, they gave away Jason Richardson, didn't offer Baron Davis enough money. Management quite literally blew up the one moment us fans were finally proud of. 

This had us calling for Cohan's head, and thankfully, he eventually sold the team to Guber and Lacob. These two come in with bold plans, promising a Playoff appearance in just their second season. Just as they bought the team, they were able to bring in David Lee, a trade that was much heralded at the time, but since has been disapproved of. They brought in an all-star, who was a major part of our 6-2 start, and due to no more than a freak injury under-performed for much of the season. Why is it that the general consensus around here is that people want him out? The man is overpaid, but it was management's first great trade in many years (The Indiana trade in 2007 just happened to work out extremely well for us). Let them get used to making good moves, iron out the wrinkles.

I am appalled and bewildered.

This summer, rumors have been constantly surfacing discussing the Golden State Warriors, the same team we all know and love, as players in major potential trades around the league. Be it Andre Iguodala, one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, Rudy Gay, one of the most explosive, or even Dwight Freakin' Howard, one of the best, the Warriors are taking risks and trying to go big.

What has the fan reaction been? Monta Ellis is better than Iguodala. Why do we need to trade for Rudy Gay if we have Dorell Wright

If we trade for Dwight Howard, we'll have an ultra-thin roster and won't be able to compete with the best in the league.


We've practically been on our hands and knees begging management to acquire great players for years. Now that we finally have competent owners and advisers, trying to make moves and be better, people have the guts to have this reaction? 

Why do so many people need to be so damn pessimistic?

Let's look at the glass half full for once:

Andre Iguodala is a perimeter defensive stopper. This fact is undisputed. Where he ranks is undecided upon, but people know he is great at what he does. Look at any of the Conference champions of the past 30 years. How many of them did not have a legit perimeter defensive stopper? Now, how many of them had an under-sized shooting guard with awful defense who couldn't consistently make plays for others? Taking this even further, so I won't be accused of hating on Monta: How many of them had their main playmaker be someone who is turnover prone, lacks in quickness and athleticism, and is pretty darn bad at the defensive end?

Is it really that bad an idea to try to build our team based on the success of all the past champions?

Rudy Gay is a great wing scorer. Monta Ellis is a great wing scorer. The difference is Rudy Gay is better defensively and, well, is much, much bigger and stronger. No need to go into specifics.

Dwight Howard. This dude is the best center in the world right now. He's the best defensive player in the league with a developing offensive arsenal. He is feared as an opponent around the league and his presence single-handedly puts Orlando in the title conversation year in and year out.

Management is trying to trade for one of the best players in the world. We haven't had one of the best players in the world in decades. I'd trade our entire team for Dwight Howard if it was allowed. He's that good. Bringing him here would give us national respect, easing our ability to bring in other stars, giving us the opportunity to experience lasting success.

The Golden State Warriors have finally entered a new era, one that involves a will and desire to win. For those of you afraid of change, you must accept the fact that this is for the better.

If you want another 20 years of no more than mediocrity, cheer for a different team. I want the Warriors to win. Our management is finally pursuing that very goal. Let's support them with all we've got.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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