Benefits of a Curry/Thompson Backcourt


The following will be segmented quotations from Klay Thompson's scouting report found within the link above, at NBADRAFT.NET

Strengths of Klay/Steph duo:


1. Shooting

"One of the top pure shooters on the college level...Prolific outside shooter with a defined role for the NBA level..Very good spot up shooter ..Has perfect form on his shot and deep range. Squares to the basket. Quick, concise, fluid stroke with a high release ... Gets his shot off quickly and can do so without needing much space ... Exhibits prudent shot selection ...

Our backcourt would pack the biggest punch in the league in terms of pure fire power. Having two pure shooters at the 1 and two speeds up the offense in a very good, efficient way. Those guys could absolutely turn the lights out. Teams would struggle employing the zone, and it would allow our offense to operate with extreme prejudice. 

2. Size

"Right hander who at 6'7 with long arms has good size for the NBA 2-guard position ... "

The advantage this would pose should be obvious enough. We go from a very small backcourt, to one of the bigger tandems in the league. Curry is now a legitimate 6-4, while Thompson is said to be 6-7 w/shoes. 

A long, pure shooter can maintain a career more efficiently than an undersized 2 who's game is based on athleticism.

Aside from the issue of his size, a major pitfall to Monta's game will be the eventual decline of his first step and explosiveness at the rim - But a pure shooter will always be a pure shooter. 

3. Basketball acumen

"Shows an excellent feel having been around the game his entire life. Understands his limitations and plays within his game well ..."

If your two primary ball handlers own a high basketball IQ, you're going to get higher percentage shots, while decreasing the turnover rate. It's going to be a process for this team to get better defensively. In the meantime, we need to value our possessions and certainly get the most out of scoring opportunities. 

While Curry's road towards becoming an elite scorer in this league is being paved, Klay provides Curry with a 1st option on the wing, and would be responsible for many of Steph's assists.

Thompson knows how to space the floor and he's humble enough to let Curry be the player he was made to be.

It would be refreshing knowing that your starting 2 has bought into the idea of playing off of his point guard, rather than the other way around. 

4. Improved ball movement

" Plays well off the ball. Stays active. Works hard to create scoring opportunities. Understands how to create shots for himself off the ball coming off screens ... " 

"Another area Thompson improved upon during his time in college is his passing game, something he'll likely need to continue doing at the pro level. He shows occasional prowess both on simple drive-and-dishes and operating pick-and-rolls, being a solid passer for a wing. Given his likely diminished scoring role in the pros, turning this area from adequate to a strength could definitely help him become a useful cog, and it would go well with his prowess moving off the ball."

From DraftExpress.com

Since Curry is not a natural point, it would cater to his growth and success as a distributor, to have a player who is capable of utilizing screens effectively and truly putting in an effort moving off the ball. It would also be a luxury to run plays for Steph off the ball, having a 2 - guard who can see the play develop ahead of time. 

Mark Jackson will put Stephen in a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to creating for teammates, as opposed to Keith Smart, who was more interested in running the ball through Ellis. 

Both of these guards are extremely intelligent when it comes to creating scoring opportunities for themselves by recognizing the situation on the court and moving to the proper spot. When you have two guys who can do that  along with shoot the ball at an elite level, it only takes a split second to recognize the play and execute it.

5. Dual playmaking guards

"Comfortable handling the ball and can use the dribble to create shots ... Can use his left hand effectively ... Shows an advanced in between game with tear drops and the use of the glass ... " 

"In terms of attacking off the dribble, Thompson is settling for fewer pull-up jumpers far away from the basket and using his craftiness to penetrate into the lane, where he's scoring well on a variety of floaters, runners, finger rolls, and lay-ups. His touch and body control are both outstanding, and despite not having a good first step or the ability to separate vertically, his size and length allow him to finish well at this level and he's continually improving his willingness to draw contact, slightly increasing the rate he's gotten to the line this season."

From DraftExpress.com

The league is improving defensively. A backcourt with both superior range and the ability to create offense off the dribble will be a luxury against playoff-bound teams that are able to man an imposing defense.

Klay shares Stephen's craftiness handling the ball. Both are capable of creating offense off the dribble, drawing the defense, and making the pass. 



I think these two were made to play together. Their skills complement one another's extremely well, and they both have an advanced understanding of the game.

Both of them know exactly who they are as players, and both are determined to improve to the heights of their potential. Very coachable young guys too - very selfless, laid back personalities. Both of them have a desire to win. I hope we find a way to draft Klay Thompson. He's going to be the steal of the lottery.

He can be a player like Ray Allen.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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