Riley, The Man for the Job.

Bobby Rowell is gone. As each day passes in Warrior Land, Joe Lacob is creating such a dissimilar atmosphere than the former, that the old blood stains on the floor are finally surrendering to the brush. 

Mutiny on the bounty would've been too admirable a description to describe the latter end of the Cohan era. Crew members were eagerly awaiting the first opportunity to ditch this crappy rig and befriend the great whites - Anywhere but here. 

While the burning of Bobby provided an extra gust of wind to the direction of the ownership's sails, Lacob's most overlooked action as our nautical captain will prove to be the retaining of Larry Riley as our team's GM.


It takes a unique beast to conduct a trial of agreement between fellow experts and competitors of the sport. Whether it be young enthusiasm vs. old wisdom, diligent pursuit vs. contemplative observance; there is no argument or doubt that the Warriors have a mixed bag of talent in their FO.

For whatever occasion, the assembling of talent will always take its own natural course of development in determining a true leader. 

Though nobody in the front office is willing to exaggerate or even admit the notion, it takes nothing from the inevitability and eventual obtrusiveness of a major disagreement.

Obviously, nobody ascended to their position by continuously betraying their instincts and allowing others to change their mind, right? No doubt, it's something that must be managed, something that requires careful handling. 

This is where Riley comes in. Owning over 40 years of experience in nearly every capacity that the game has to offer, Larry is no stranger to adaptation. He's been over and under the authority, and he's served as both student and teacher. 

This is why he is the man for the job.

Larry sits rightfully in the medium chair that receives messages from men like Jerry West, who is accustomed to sending messages downstairs. He also takes that chair looking downward, to an up-and-coming executive like Bob Myers, who is used to relaying messages upstairs. Up or down, should an idea or opinion be invalidated by default? No. Hence, Riley.

Lacob's role is the agitator. He just kicks his ideas into play and sits back while the others juggle them up and down the court, with a satisfied, dumb little grin on his face. It's good to be king. 




Riley     >                      Joe Lacob 


Myers                                v              



         Travis Schlenk    Kirk Lacob    Mark Jackson


With Myers' inexperience as a leader, and West's as a follower, Riley's combined experience as both will allow him the versatility to decipher where each and all men are coming from, paying credence and appreciation to the form as his democratic personality provides the glue needed to make a perfect middle man amongst a group of giants. 

Besides, wouldn't you want your trigger man calm, considering all sides, before pushing the red button?

The power of disagreement is inevitable and may very well be underestimated in this case. But Joe's brilliance as an architect has won my faith as a fan. It's going to be an exciting off-season, and I think the Warriors have set all their stones in the correct places. The firing of Bobby Rowell has only added momentum and positive energy to the cause. 

If the goal is truly to evaluate the entire organization from top to bottom, I'm hoping we will see the last of "Fitz" before training camp. 

He just reeks of the Cohan era and I can't tolerate his tiresome, opinionated act any longer. Bring back Greg Papa. He's a class act, and with Jim Barnett, would give the Warriors the best broadcasting team in the NBA.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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