On the clock decisions

Well, the draft is only a day away. For Warrior's fans this is like the NBA Finals (in a sense of excitement). The thought that we could add a young player who could finally push us into the Playoffs is exciting. This year's draft is considered one of the weakest in years. There will be no guraneteed stars, but there's a good chance we'll get a solid rotation player. Of course that won't push us into the Playoffs, but it's a good start. Here are some on the clock decisions that we'd most likely face and tell what you guys would do (assuming we keep the pick).

Here are the consensus picks for 1-8 (not exactly in this order, but they'll all be gone by 8)

So, that leaves K. Thompson, T. Thompson, Biyombo, Burks, Singleton and the Morrisses (sp?)
Btw some mocks have Kemba and Jonas falling (due to Rubio situation).

COH = Chance of happening

Scenario #1
Lets say Charlotte takes Marcus Morris at 9 (the consensus pick)
Then Milwaukee takes K. Thompson at 10 (also the consensus pick)
Then who would you take? I'd take Burks, but I see us taking Biyombo.
COH: 60%

Scenario #2

At 8, let's say Detroit reaches for T. Thompson, which is a real possibility. That means Valanciunas would be available. Normally, I would of said Charlotte or Milwaukee takes him, but due to his recent buyout problems they may pass on him. Heck, many mocks have him falling to 14 due to that, but if he's there at 11 we take him.
COH: 30%

Scenario #3

The Kings really like Jimmer at 7, Idk why, but they do. I'm not complaining. That would push Vesley and Valanciunas back. I still say Detroit takes Valanciunas, Cats take Vesely, and Bucks take Morris. That leaves us with Biyombo, Burks, Singleton, and K. Thompson, not bad. Of course the Bobcats could take Morris then the Bucks take Klay and Vesely falls, but I highly, highly doubt it. But it's the draft you never know...
COH: 30%

Scenario #4

This one would be crazy, but it could actually happen. The Kings take Jimmer at 7, Pistons take Tristan at 8,  Bobcats take Morris at 9 and Bucks take Burks at 10. All of these would be unexpected except for Charlotte (the Bucks were thought to want Burks, but it looks like they like Klay much more recently). That leaves Vesely, Valanciunas, Biyombo, K. Thompson, and Singleton. (The Bobcats could take Vesely, then the Bucks take Morris, but that still leaves us with Valanciunas, K. Thompson, Biyombo, Burks and Singleton). How great would that be?
COH: 10%

There is also a chance a team in front of us trades their pick which would also change things.
Here's my  board.
2.K. Thompson

Heck, if we ended up with one of these guys (which we most likely will, unless something unbelievable occurs) I'd be happy!
I did leave out a lot of possible scenarios because really anything could happen.

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