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So I've been thinking recently that the Warriors so far have done a great job this offseason at addressing our future. I feel like many of the posters here feel like the dubs needed to draft a defender in the draft, but I think our front office did the right thing. They drafted a guy that they felt was the best player available. When you are in a position like the dubs, picking a defender in the late lottery does not make you a title contender, it's just some quick fix to make you feel better about how poor the defense was last year. Im not going to go off on how I feel about Klay Thompson, but I am going to talk about how when you are a mediocre NBA team, you should never draft for need!! Once you are in a situation where you are getting deep into the playoffs, and you are missing that one piece, then you draft the guy that best fits that need. If you are the dubs, it's time to stockpile some talent!! We are not in a contending position and drafting based on need right now would be a mistake. With that said, I applaud the Dubs for doing the right thing and not drafting based on defensive need. SO lets gaze into the crystal ball.....

Next year as is shapes out like this...

PG: Curry, Jenkins, Lin/Law

SG: Monta, Reggie, Klay

SF: Dorell, Klay, Reggie

PF: Lee/Udoh/ Amundsen

C: Udoh/Biedrins/Tyler


Giving these guys time to play together will give us a clearer picture of the future and we can make our decisions based on how they perform. Let's be honest, no body has any expectation of Andris to be productive this year. Everyone wants him traded. Our management is smarter than that. Why trade a proven double-double machine for garbage when his value is at an all time low. This is what poor management teams do, is they trade a player when their value is at an all time low. Keeping Biedrins will increase his value and make him a much more valued commodity. In fact if Andris can turn back the clock, even to be 80 percent of what he was, it seems like a package of Monta, Andris, and whatever other fillers or picks, for Dwight and whatever other fillers or picks doesn't sound so illogical for Orlando. Andris has way more value than we realize, but fortunately our management recognizes this and is holding out for something better. Thank God.


The big picture is patience, which I see our management staff doing a great job of. Knee jerk management decisions are what has kept the dubs soooo bad for so long. So have faith dubs fans, it might take a little longer than you want, but we are doing the right things to be a perennially successful team/organization.

What I can see is the Big Picture for the dubs is this

Core Pieces:







Tradeable pieces:



Expendible Pieces:






I think the Dubs are looking for player to add to this core, while maximizing the value of their tradeable and expendible assets.  I like these core assets, and feel like the dubs do to and are working hard to find a way to maximize the value of all tradeable/expendible assets.

My Ideal 2012 dubs



Dorell/ Best player available.... hopefully Batum/Wilson Chandler.... will settle for a Matt Barnes or any other gritty cheap player



Doesn't necessarily need to be Bynum, id rather have Dwight, but I think that Monta and Biedrins could net the Dubs Bynum/ a resigned Shannon Brown. or at least just Bynum. I think the management staff sees a similiar picture to this with your traditional center. Having Bynum comes with the injury risk, so this is why drafting Tyler is big for us as he can get his P.T. and growth time while Bynum is having his 15-25 games off per season. 








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